Monday, April 4, 2022

RB86 Debut @ Broz


Twins @ Broz Debut

Two of the same looking so different

But both so cool

Replicating... 86 GTG

GT86 RB X 2 Video

 RB86 Twins @ Broz  

J.Dee Pink .RSG. Silver

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


MST ZN6 RB86 V3 ... Almost Complete. 



Mask & Paint

Colour Matching


Also... 1/24 S13

R31 House Rear Wing and MST Rear Tail

Both... no

I finished without the duck tail

But it also had it's appeal

Saturday, February 12, 2022

YD2-REX Shakedown @ Broz


Shakedown @ Broz. 

Or is it Akina-san. 

The track is looking great these days. 

But what about the YD2. Basically. The fist setting didn't have enough lock.  So an adjustment in front toe started to see improvement, then a front track change and more camber server mixed results. 

It's not far away from a solid setup. Very fast, very slidy, but it just needs to be a little more stable.  

Until next time... Let's think of how to improve.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

YD2-REX Shakedown Ready

The YD2 is ready for a session. so the body is mounted up and the girls are in. 

Weigh balance by WW ladies. The chassis is tested on the house tiles and seems very forgiving. 

Added some custom canards and a few old stickers... maybe temporary. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Yokomo YD2 Evolution

YD2 - Evolution

The Yd2 is a chassis for rear wheel drive drift. With a gearbox that brings a lot of torque transfer and therefore traction.

Which one do you need? 

Initial Release saw the YD-2 and YD-2 Plus. 
Any Base Chassis like the Plastic YD2 includes plastic shocks and typically plastic everything. 
Suited to beginners for the flexible and strong parts rarely break. 

Any "Plus" Chassis usually has a few upgrades like a Graphite Chassis, the Alloy Big Bore Shocks and some Alloy shock towers and maybe some alloy Steering parts. 

As Yokomo produce a new set of custom parts resulting from user feedback, typically a month later a full chassis update will be released also with those parts. 

The original YD2 with low center of gravity was good for asphalt and high grip circuits. Like Yokomo's Yatabe Arena. This model continued to be evolved along the "E" series. 

Soon after release adoption was not great. The popular P-Tile circuits in Japan really were targeting weight shift chassis layouts, so the S series was developed around different battery layouts, and different high motor layouts effectively flipping the gearbox upside down. Ultimate performance on these circuits evolved through the SX and eventually the SX Version III full option is the highest spec available for low grip circuits.     

Later again the E-Series drivers wanted more traction and many users were turning the motor mount around to hang the motor behind the rear wheels. 
This resulted in the R conversion kit and later the R Plus. This would culminate in the RX favoured by high grip circuit users and this incorporates a more direct 3 gear gearbox. 

The Z takes the newer elements and revises the base model into a flexible motor layout design with a effective steering catering for a midway solution. Will we see a Z plus or ZX? Yes We just got one. 2/2022

Then basic evolution was 

S - Small track, High Motor Mount
E - Revised Base
R - Rear Motor mount 3 gear gearbox
Z - Revised Base 

Over time the X designation basically added to the Plus and then over more time we see Type II and III added

Version II and III started to see the introduction of more variable steering and slide rack with spot on ackerman and additional parts for more weight accuracy and rigidity.   

Right Now the best are based on the two types of Circuits. 

High Grip (asphalt) - YD2 RX Full Option
Low Grip (p-tile) - YD2 SXIII Full Option
Medium grip (Carpet) - Either are used. 

Check them all out here.

VersionChassisChassis MaterialBulkheadBulkhead MaterialTowersGearboxMotor PositionSteeringSteering MatShockArms
YD2Wide TubPlasticType 1PlasticPlastic4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type 1PlasticPlastic-
YD2 ACWide TubPlasticType 1PlasticPlastic4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type 1PlasticPlastic-Almost Ready to Run
YD2 PlusWideGraphiteType 1PlasticPlastic4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type 1PlasticSLF Big Bore
YD2 EWide TubPlasticType 1PlasticPlastic4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type IIPlasticPlasticLS
YD2 E PlusSlimGraphiteType 1PlasticAlloy4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type IIPlasticSLF Big BoreLS
YD2 E SWide TubPlasticType 1PlasticPlastic Wide4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type IIAlloyPlasticLS
YD2 EXSlimGraphiteType 1AlloyAlloy4 GearLow / ForwardBelcrank Type IIAlloySLF Big BoreLS
YD2 EXIISlimGraphiteType 1AlloyAlloy4 gear - Diff CupLow / ForwardBelcrank Type STAlloySLF Big BoreLS
YD2 EXII -SSlimGraphiteType 2AlloyAlloy4 gear - Diff CupLow / ForwardSlide RackAlloySLF Big BoreLS + Hub Upper
YD2 R PLUSSlimGraphiteType 1PlasticAlloy3 GearLow-High / RearBelcrank Type IIPlasticSLF Big BoreLS
YD2 RXSlimGraphiteType 2AlloyAlloy3 GearLow-High / RearSlide RackAlloySLF Big BoreLS
YD2 RX FullOptSlimGraphiteType 2AlloyAlloy4 gear - Diff CupHigh / Forward Adj7Slide RackAlloySLF Big BoreLS + Hub UpperAll Graphite & Alloy OPtions
YD2 STubPlasticType 1PlasticPlastic4 GearHigh / Forward Adj3Belcrank Type 1PlasticPlastic
YD2 S ACTubPlasticType 1PlasticPlastic4 GearHigh / Forward Adj3Belcrank Type 1PlasticPlastic
YD2 S PLUS2 pieceGraphite PlasticType 1PlasticAlloy Graphite4 GearHigh / Forward Adj3Belcrank Type 1PlasticSLF Big BoreAlmost Ready to Run
YD2 SX3 pieceGraphite PlasticType 1AlloyAlloy4 GearHigh / Forward Adj7Belcrank Type 1AlloySLF Big Bore
YD2 SXII3 pieceGraphite PlasticType 2AlloyAlloy4 gear - Diff CupHigh / Forward Adj7Slide RackAlloySLF Big BoreLS
YD2 SXIIISlimGraphiteType 2AlloyAlloy4 gear - Diff CupHigh / Forward Adj7Slide RackAlloySLF Big BoreLS + Hub Upper
YD2 SXIII FullOptSlimGraphiteType 2AlloyAlloy4 gear - Diff CupHigh / Forward Adj7Slide RackAlloySLF Big BoreLS Adj + Hub UpperAll Graphite & Alloy OPtions
YD2 ZSlim TubPlasticType 2PlasticPlastic3 Gear Low-High / ForwardBelcrank Type IIPlasticPlastic
YD2 ZXSlim FlexGraphiteType 2AlloyAlloy3 Gear Low-High / ForwardSlide RackAlloySLF Big Bore       

Saturday, January 29, 2022



OK, so here is the YD2-REX Why RE-X because its target is twisty and high X roll. 

Not quite there yet but here is the story. 

I was looking for something decent to start RC again. 

Luckily a friend offered me this original YD-2 Plus. Yes a lot of Plastic, but that is perfectly fine. Weight can come from anywhere. 

I tried on some wheels and looked at it for about a week. I was thinking of a direction to take the chassis to a weight shift back heavy style but it would all depend on what old parts I had left over. 

And this was the first point. With out a high motor mount, i went for a high battery mount.  

I was able to reposition one of the original battery holders on the rear tower. and those two alloy posts were simply a good match. 

It started me searching for blue... You can see i found a few more old alloy turnbuckles 

And I "almost"... had enough blue screws from a years old plastic dp that I had saved. Need 8 more... haha

The other DP Type LSG piece I had was an LSG Graphite Upper Deck.  

It almost perfectly matched and I was able to cut it up to utilise the front steering mount section for a rear ESC mount. (Pic pre-install) 

The rear section was already pre-drilled and matched the YD2 rear gearbox holes. So I modified the front to become a ball mounted flexible dual deck. 

Still managed to look pretty good too. The lower deck is no longer connected to the gearbox and the plastic bridge is not installed.

This allows no flex on engine torque acceleration, but allows a lot of flex on chassis twist. 

I may also cut two slots in the main chassis to replicate the current trends. and then have a method of making it with adjustable rigidity. (future project )  

The chassis is wide enough to accept seats so I may add two seats and driver figures. I like my scale and an extra 400g comes in handy sometimes. 

For now, an old pre Accuvance.. "Keyence" branded luxon KG 9.5T and Tachyon "Non-turbo" esc will have to do for power. and old Sanwa Gyro and Servo are installed.  

Super lucky with clearance on the rear with the LRP shorty.

Pre ESC install shot. Rear mount is actually made from Front suspension extensions and 1/2  an old mount.

Everything is used parts.  

Im using the "2 year old" FD ( but it's only had 1 hour on track)

So for now, the YD2-REX is complete. Ready for the first track test out of the house...