RE-Xtreme .RSG. DRB-REW (Rear Evolution Weigh-shift) Chassis Conversion Set for Yokomo DRB

Single chassis orders to custom specification on request. $250AUD + Shipping.


Thanks to all DRB-Customers around the world.
Production Run #Ver1.2 - #44 Blue Limited Chassis  - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.2 - #43 Gold Limited Chassis - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.2 - #42 SSG Chassis - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.2 - #40/41 Blue Limited Chassis  - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.2 - #39 Chassis  - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.2 - #27~38 Chassis - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.1 - #15~26 Chassis - SOLD OUT
Production Run #Ver1.0 - #01~14 Chassis - SOLD OUT
Production Prototype - 1 Chassis - SOLD OUT

 Black and Silver Versions available.

The design is a flexible platform for RWD conversion and supports many of the Yokomo DIB / DRB and Drift Package MR4TC compatible suspension and steering components.

Flexible battery location, 5 servo locations and 4 steering mounting variations give you control over your setups. 

This conversion is targeted at those already with a full tune 4wd DRB wanting to move to RWD, but not throw away their DRB, or those already having converted their DRB to RWD but not finding the balance they require. Stock front end DRB components will most definitely require change. At a minimum the V2 Y arm setup is a good starting point but the steering knuckle design should be considered for RWD conversions.

This chassis was developed on the most difficult of surfaces. Ultra low grip polished concrete. RWD drift requires traction and chassis balance. Keeping the balance point directly over the rear wheels avoids the pendulum effect from diffuser mounted setups. However If your circuit has a high traction surface, a diffuser mounting point is provided and after market options can be fitted.

Box and Components.

Two versions include 4K narrow weave SSG and wide weave Black Twill carbon.

Both are the same design spec, however due to variance in raw materials, the Twill is slightly thicker (2.5mm) and therefore slightly more rigid. Silver is (2.35mm)

Design image has been kept in line with the later range of Yokomo HT chassis, providing a link to the original.

Silver Surface Graphite chassis set includes components that focus on flexibility of design and a change in weight distribution. The components fall into two categories.

Rear Conversion Components
These components convert the current DRB to a RWD rear motor layout.

2.5 mm Carbon Lower Deck
2.0 mm Carbon Upper Deck
2.0 mm Battery Mount

Weight Shift Components 
These components follow the current trends in D1 to allow higher ride height and longer stroke suspension taking advantage in chassis weight shift, pitch and roll for a more dynamic chassis. The can be used with any DRB Chassis.

5.0 mm ( 2.5mm x 2 ) Bulkhead Spacer Set ( 5pcs Motor / Pulley / Centre / BulkHeads )
3.0 mm Carbon Front Shock Tower (5mm lower)
2.0 mm Carbon Front Upper Arm Support (for use with V1 DRB and Type C upper Arm.)
3.0 mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower (5mm lower and Holes for longer shocks.)
2.0 mm Carbon Bulkhead Support (2PCS for rigidity)
2.0 mm front Servo Mount (optional)

RWD Specific parts.
2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set (3 options, 6PCS)

27 piece carbon set. (note, type c support brace not pictured)
4x Carbon battery spacers and 17x12mm / 4x30mm stainless screw set.

Almost all combinations of DRIFT PACKAGE compatible suspension are supported. 

.RSG. Design Rear Evolution Weight Shift Conversion Set Features.

2.5 mm Carbon Lower Deck 

DRB Suspension Locations FF / FR 
Drift Package Suspension locations FF / FR  (Including Separate)

MULTI Steering Position Support though to Upper Deck (Spacers required)
Drift Package Wiper Position (main chassis to upper deck)
GRK Slide Rack Position (main chassis to upper deck)

DRB Rear Bias Left for Normal Position Servo
DRB Rear Bias Right for Opposite Servo position

Twin Servo Location for Either DRB or DIB Wiper locations and steering.
Twin Servo Positions (require additional servo mount BD-203 and belcrank IB-202B)*

Lateral Servo Location for Drift Package
Lateral Servo Location for GRK Slide rack

DRB Suspension Locations RF / RR
Drift Package Suspension locations RF  (Including Separate) / RR
Drift Package Diffuser Location

Increased Spacing for Spur Clearance ** (REV Motor Direction )
Recommended Setting ...Venom 11T / 41T Belt Pulley ** (NOR Motor Direction)

2.0 mm Carbon Upper Deck
MULTI Steering Position SUPPORT  (see Above)
DRB Wiper Positions for Standard Location
DRB Long Wiper Position for Forward Location
       * optional through Bulkhead Ackerman adjustment requires additional turnbuckle
Upper Deck Fan Mounting Position
Antenna location
3mm Slot for various adjustable accessory mounting.
Between Bulkhead optional servo location.

2.0 mm High Battery Mount 
Weight positioned directly over the rear wheels. (2 position selectable)
Mounting holes for DRB Battery holder (DRB-118 / Short DRB-118L)
        (Some trimming or additional spacers recommended for rear tower clearance.)

2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set
High Angle DRB Wiper Extensions
Adjustable Ackerman  Support
3 Sets for user specification

2.0 mm Carbon Bulkhead Brace and Finisher (2PCS)
Increased Rigidity

2.0 mm Carbon front servo mount
Upside down mounted servo location possible (drift package wiper system required).

5.0 mm (2.5mm x 2) Bulkhead Spacer Set (5pcs Motor / Pulley / Centre / BulkHeads)
Complete Spacer Set for weight shift.
2.5mm or 5mm select-able

4.0 mm Carbon Front Shock Tower (v1.2)
Low Height for Body Clearance with Raised Bulkhead
Type C Upper Arm Locations
Increased Shock Stroke for Weight Shift
Increased Ride Height for ROLL, bound and Rebound

2.0 mm Carbon Front Upper Arm Support
Increased Rigidity and Accuracy

4.0 mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower (v1.2)
Through Bulkhead Battery Location
Larrge clearance for Large Rear Pulley to Reduce FDR
Low Height for Body Clearance with Raised Bulkhead
55mm Shock Length / 60mm Long Stroke Support
Type C Upper Arm Locations

The weight shift components combine with a rear focused layout which targets the performance oriented RWD pilot. Reverse motor direction will dictate a pulley conversion or the use of an ESC that supports Reversing. Accuvance systems have this function built in.

Twin servo mounting is possible. Front wiper extensions work with DRb wipers.

Note a 1mm spacer to lower the wiper is required for this steering version.
Ackerman can be setup with an optional turn buckle that will fit through the bulkhead (where once a one way bearing would have been installed.)

Recommended Front Suspension Replacement Parts Selection for DRB as show above. 

Wrap Up Next 
Kondo Custom Lower Y Arm Ver.III 3mm Pin
             (Silver #0099-FD / Black #0100-FD / Blue #0101-FD / Red #0102-FD) 
Kondo Custom GX front Knuckle Ver.II 
            (Silver #0178-FD / Black #0179-FD / Blue #0180-FD / Red #0181-FD)
Smart Axle Shaft for RWD 
            (#0079-FD required for GX Knuckle)  Also require ball end set. 
Kondo Custom HD Upper Arm Ver.II 4mm Shaft (**Not required with Yokomo V2 Suspension Mount)
            (Silver #0147-FD / Black #0148-FD / Blue #0149-FD / / Red #0150-FD  

OD2130 Ball End Set  (Highly recommended for clearance of knuckle)

A great alternative I trialed on the Prototype is the Drift Package Long Wiper and knuckle. Mounting the servo centrally also provides excellent balance. I would recommend this setup as a proven option.

Yokomo Long Wipers would require these parts 
D-163  Aluminum steering bell crank for 2WD DRIFT Conversion PRO/RS 201
BB-84-4 Bell Crank Bearing
D-029 Aluminum Steeling Bell Crank Post
and... some spacers.

R31WORLD GRK Slide rack support is also available. Note.

This is not the most flexible option as setup takes precise measurments.

R31W237 New Steering Rack Set
R31M081 Slide Steering Rack Mounting Set


High battery position and especially long battery support will influence body clearance. However most bodies seem to allow the battery to fit just at the rear window.

Be aware of this point when using full size battery designs.

DRB-REW Performance is targeted for the advanced user.

From smooth flowing style... 

... to aggressive initiation and holding of angle. You have control over the setup.

The DRB-REW was designed and tuned on low grip polished concrete.  The most difficult surface for tuning where grip is at an absolute minimum.

Long, high speed slides with ease and control. 

White R32.
DRB-REW - SSG Silver / Blue Alloy Yokomo Upgrades
    Yokomo Knuckle, A rms & Drift Package Wiper. Short Lipo.

Yellow R32.
DRB-REW - SSG Version / Black Alloy OD Upgrades
    Overdose knuckles, A Arms & Wrap Up Wiper Arms. Short Lipo

Blue S15
DRB-REW - Black Twill Version / Gold Alloy
    Wrap Up knuckles, A Arms. Standard Battery

Enjoy RC with your RE-Xtreme .RSG. DRB-REW RWD chassis conversion kit for Yokomo DRB.

Made in Australia.

Price is approx $250.00AUD.

Sample DRB REW Build Page 

Sample DRB REW Build Page 2

Sample DRB REW Build Page 3

Steering arm adjustment Version 1

Battery Plate Modification for Version 1.2

Setup Blog Posts

Setting Sheets Download and Customer Setup Sheets

RE-WORLD Facebook Page... Share you stuff. 

Predictable performance as expected from the DRB high end chassis kit.

No matter what your style. Setup is individual. 

Rear Motor / Rear Battery designs have a slight weight imbalance on this surface. REW Weight is centred just in front of the rear axle. Further fine tuning can be performed with an Orion Weight Shift Battery pack.

If you love rear wheel drive battles and you have an unloved DRb in your collection. You will love the DRB REW conversion.


  1. Is there any available of drb conversion kit?

  2. yes, I have 2 SSG and 2 Black at the moment. Email

  3. When new conversions will be available?

  4. Just wondering how many blue carbon conversions have been sold world wide? Have tracked one down and wondering if it was as rare as people say


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