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Welcome to RE-Xtreme's Garage.

I owned 5 real Rx7s, so as you can probably guess, I have owned a lot of FD3s RX7 bodies.
to see most in action .... Click here for the video library..



3x Addiction Perfect Body Series FD3s RX7

A lot of work to come.

SA22 Savanna!

Pandora RC SA22C Series 2 RX-7 GTX-Turbo

About as old school as I get.

Pandora SA22C
Pipes Exhaust
Variable position custom front lights.

Custom Dash 
Custom Number plate.
Matt White
Street Jam Lonchamp +10

Sliders S13 D1 Spec.

Sliders S13 team shell has entered D1 and reflects current trends in Chassis and Suspension.
See below for original build.
No change in body after 1 year of abuse.


LB Performance GT-R35 TWINS!


Tamiya GTR35
Sfida RC Liberty Walk LB-R35 Body Kit
P!PES  L!GHTS with Back Fire Unit and variable headlamps
P!PES Mufflers
MST Wheel Selection.
Front +9 rear +11 + hub
G35 grey + Highlight nuts
RID Black Chrome + Metallic Chrome Rim inner
RID Grey
Overdose Swan Neck Wing
.RSG. Custom Sticker Masks
Custom Colours
Livery and Colours painted inside.
Matt Exterior

Without wings.

With Overdose Wings.

On track!

Waru Circuit Japan 4Door Tribute

Lexus IS350 F-Sport

Obtained as a prize in Japan's Waru Circuit. I decided to give this a true 4 Door Kanagawa Style image as a tribute to Waru Circuit 2017.

Team Tetsujin IS-F Sport
RC-ART Front Splitter
Tamiya 86 Mirrors
.RSG. Sliders Sticker Set
Custom Dash
GT Power LED

.RSG. GCRCD Sliders S-Chassis Team Bodies

GCRCD TEam Body Project for Trains

The D-Like S13 base is used to house the Pandora Inner set and a bunch of custom items.

Scale focused 550hp D1Sl image.

D-Like S13
Pandora RC Inner Set (Interior + Intercooler)
D'Magic Lights
RC-ART Bonnet Scoop
RC-ART Canard Set
Yokomo Mark X Mirrors and Wing
Yokomo YD-2 Diffuser
Driftline Rear Wing Mount
Yokomo Oil Coolers x2
Custom Cage
.RSG. Design Livery
.RSG. Sticker Set
GT Power LED
WWF Scale Figures
Magnetic removable panels

On track @ Neo Japan.

Highlight Color Change for all members and involvement in many of the build

As expected... Fantastic!

2016 RE-Xtreme RC Bodies - Current 

Altezza Stunt car team x 2

Yokomo HKS Altezza
HPI Mirrors.

2nd body completed by Arynz Slider

A-Bo-Moon R32 

A-Bo-Moon R32 
 inspired .RSG. Design Mask and Sticker

HPI Mirror
Yokomo Intercooler
Custom Exhaust
Custom rear Wing.
Tow Hooks
IROHA Number Plate

Custom Cage
Custom Tamiya Driver

One of 11 bodies wearing the  RE-Xtreme .RSG. [A~Bo~Moon] Mask and decals- see below.



Tamiya FD3s RX7
TWIS Sticker Set used as mask.
Internal painted stickers,
Custom Bonnet (Addiction 86 Vents),
Modified Tamiya Lights,
Custom Splitter
AE86 Diffuser,
Yokomo Inter cooler and
HPI Mirrors.

P!PES V2 Light kit Gallery

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Demi Works Rocket Bunny Aero degraded

Now I have re-bootedthe FD with the GP-Sports Style Bumper and some end plates.


RF Concept 4WD conversion for Drift Package.

Short Wheelbase
1/12 scale Active Hobby RX7 x 2 + custom parts.
Widened to 200mm. 215mm wheelbase. Fun machine.

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#3rd Sevens Day Body Contest

Ninja Turtle GCRC Camera Van

RC-Art Hiace Shortened to 215 wb and 200mm wide.

RF Concept 4WD conversion for Drift Package.

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RWB Spec G-Force #9

Tamiya Custom 993 Porsche Gt2 -Shelf King

The second of the RWB styled Porsche Widebody designs As above, these bodies are fitted with Tamiya drivers and interior, This one also has a set of BBS rims to ride.

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RE-Xtreme RC Bodies - From Friends

Yokomo 1093 Speed S14 Silvia with wild Uras and Rocket Bunny parts by "Hidari Maru".

Tech Racing, Guild N One, Uras, Yokomo, Blade  and more more more.

This is a Japanese drift body is made by my friend with numerous modifications. It has done countless hours and is testimony to his driving ability that it still survives in great condition. I am proud to have this in my garage. 39-39 thank you thank you!

Gallery   Video

.RSG. Design + RE-Xtreme RC Client Builds


GCRCD S13 flaming fade.
Dantai Team Drift

Full Interior and exterior build

Dantai GCRCD Team drift. with Joji-san

Pandora Supra
.RSG. Sliders 2017 Livery

Sliders 86 "Double" SPL
Pandora PAB-120 Trueno
Double bumper


RCARTPLASTICS Russian Supplier
Modified for rear Valance clearance.

Monster Energy Pandem ND Roadster / Miata / Mx5
Speed Way Pal Swan Neck mount
Yokomo Orido 86 Spoiler.


HPI Boss S14 V2
BRE Livery
Custom Graphics (not pictured)
Removable Wing
Buggy Light Buckets
RC-Art Rear Exhaust.

R32 LOW STYLE Team Projects

RE-Xtreme .RSG. A~Bo~Moon inspired ER32 Skyline BN Sports

5 Bodies Painted by RE-Xtreme.


Black, Orange, Yellow, Blue, White. Metallic glitter paint.

2 more built by DriftLine.

Red and Black flake

Bodies include .RSG. design masks and Stickers.
Yokomo Intercooler and oil cooler
SRP Door Handles.
GT Power Lights.
Custom alloy rear Wing


Savanna RX3 GT

ABC Hobby Rx3 Street Spec - Custom Grill

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Pandora RC Skyline GTR32 + Speed Way Pal Fenders for the non-gtr look. Clear Blue / Purple. offering appeal.

RE-Xtreme Twin Drift Team Project.

Pandora Origin Labo180sx. x2 Twin Dori Drift Team
Yokomo Mark 2 LBS accessories
Servo Operated Lights.

Sponsored by PIPES for your Ass. www.RC-pipes.com.

My Body 

My Partners Body.

Wheels are Kazama Auto Gram Lihts 57 Extreme.

They look very cool in Battle mode.

Very proud of this build.

Magnetic removable panels.

D-Like S13 + Pandora Inner and Pandora SR20 Engine. "GCRC Za Mooruman Dorifuto Project"

Tamiya FD3s with Speed WayPal fenders, Yokomo Wing, and lots of custom. RE-Xtreme "NF-Spec"
RE-Xtreme FD3s NF Spec. Similar to my RWD Tamiya body however enhanced for the client. Deep red and more. 


Tamiya Custom 993 Porsche Gt2 - RWB Spec Speed Hunter #34

RWB Speed Hunter #34

This is a heavily MODIFIED Tamiya Taisan GT2 993 RWB Style Porsche Widebody extended to 257 from 250mm.  The body is 200mm up front and 220mm wide at the rear requiring 6mm axles and +12 rims for perfect fit.

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RE-Xtreme RC Bodies - Previous 


FR Kuso 86 Project 

FR-D supports this scale focussed Body with tuning inspired by the Circuit Dr. Kuso 86 Project

Based on the 4A-GE with 200hp, This is replicated with a 21.5T motor and low gearing.

Full engine detail with wiring and custom sticker set.

All panels are removable and 2 bumper options are avaiable. Target image was 2001 D1GP 

Pandora RC AE86 Trueno
Pandora RC inner Set
All panels Removable
HPI Mirrors
Yokomo Rear Wing Stays
HPI Rear Wing
JD Products cage
.RSG. design logos.
Benedini Sound

Team image.  114 Dr.

Ol School GT

Kawada Toyota GT 2000 +
Speed Way Pal Over Fender,
Yokomo and
Custom TRD Bonnet Vents
for "Ol' School Drift"

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Taka's 13bt

Yokomo Team Samurai Project FC3s Rx7 with custom R-Magic Light and Rear wing by "Taka-13Bt".
Another body that was presented to me is this FC3s, it's a rotary passion. We call this one... "Gorilla FC"


R35 Liberty Walk

Tetsujin Liberty Walk R35

Yokomo Wing

10 dollar refresh. 

R31 House Skyline R31 Widened and refreshed,


Pandora ER33 GTS-T BN Sports
RC-ART Bonnet Scoop LSize
Yokomo Intercooler
Yokomo Kunnyz Wing
Yokomo Large Wing Stay
Custom Piping.

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R32 Low Style Team Project. 

Pandora R32 2Door Skyline Coupe.
A-Bo-Moon inspired .RSG. Design Mask and Sticker
SRp Super Real Parts R32 Skyline Door Handles
HPI Mirror
Yokomo Intercooler / Oil Cooler
Custom Exhaust
Custom rear Wing.
Tow Hooks
RC-Oahu Banner and Number plate.

Pandora R32 2Door Skyline Coupe.
A-Bo-Moon inspired .RSG. Design Mask and Sticker
HPI Mirror
Yokomo Intercooler
Custom Exhaust
Custom rear Wing.
Tow Hooks


Lil' Gemmi. Refreshed in 2016

Racers Paradise Opel Cadett (Holden Gemini)
Speed Way Pal Fender
My first car replica.

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"The Class of 86" V1.2

Tamiya 86 + Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Version 1 Kit. + custom lights and Tamiya/Yokomo extras.

P!PES Back File Unit!

Winner TOP Body @ 2015 86 Festa

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RE-Xtreme 6666 86 (V2.2)

Tamiya 86 + Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Version 2 Kit. + custom lights and Tamiya/Yokomo extras.

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Tamiya 86 + Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Aero,

Tamiya 86 with Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Aero Parts, Yokomo Wing and Subaru Accessories.
Cut lower for stance.


This one has done the most miles since 2013. In a state of slow decay and modification as drift cars are.

JUN Hyper Lemon S13
Option #1 Body Shell discontinued.
Purchased as new painted... But Hyper lemon concept and details completed by RE-Xtreme

Custom wing, intercooler mount and sticker set. rear parchute.

Winner TOP Body @ 2015 GCRC S13 Super Session

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Rocket Bunny 6666 86 Ver2.1

concept by Dave Perez... Details completed by RE-Xtreme

Finished off with sticker set from MattEllisDesigns.

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Pro-Line Protoform Lexus LFA.
Supercar drift
Yokomo 86 rear spoiler. 


Holden VH Commodore Group C V8

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Small gallery shot. 

Pandora Fd3s + HPI Stage D "Death Spec"

"Asamoto FD"

Pandora Fd3s+Active FD3s "Asamoto" FD3s D1 2002 Spec

Pandora, Active, Speed Way Pal, HPI   This "Asamoto FD" is a tribute to the aggressive style of the Marionette / Team Orange driver during the 2002 D1 season.


Pandora Fd3s "Sex Spec Seven"

RE-Xtreme Sex Spec Series Seven is a Pandora FD3s with marble style paint. HPI wing on speed way pal wing stays and some custom work up front.

ABC Hobby Lancer Evo III, Tommi Makinen Prototype. Evo III

RE-Xtreme Makinen Prototype. ABC Hobby Lancer Evolution III with matt black paint and left over rally panels. Fun machine for gymkhana style attack..

Tamiya FD3s for 2WD.   With Speed WayPal fenders, Yokomo Wing, and lots of custom.

RE-Xtreme Spirit R FD3s for 2WD.  Tamiya with Speed Way Pal fenders, Yokomo Wing, and lots of custom including modified yokomo supra lights, custom wing, side skirts, diffuser, splitter, canards, bonnet vents etc.

Yokomo Mark II JZX 100 Long 275mm version. "Powervehicles Chaser"

Yokomo Mark X GRX 130 Long 275mm version. "275 Series" .RSG. Design.

HPI S2000 Competition Body

D-Like Zn6 Rocket Bunny "Typhoon 86"

"RE-Xtreme Missile"

Pandora RC Fd3s with custom parts "RE-Xtreme Missile" intial design by Teru
Now with over fender.

Pandora RC is a newer company, that is making some great replicas. This is a "Sample" body from the great guys at Pandora. The missile FD is made for abuse.

D-Like ZN6 "Typhoon Spec" 86

Tamiya Toyota 86 with Speed Way Pal Over fender and HSV10 Wing / Yokomo Sti Scoop "Tsunami 86"

In July 2012 I started using the Tamiya Toyota 86 with custom Speed Way Pal 10mm over fenders.
They work incredibly well as the corner overhang on these bodies is virtually zero. They are a must for any serious competition RC drifter.


Tamiya Toyota 86 with Speed Way Pal Over fender and Wing stays and Yokomo Wing "Samurai 86"

Tamiya RE-Amemiya ORC Super GT RX-7 "Tsunami TA-D7"

This is the RE-Xtreme Tsunami Spec design utilising a Tamiya Super Gt RX7 for Drift Attack. Kazama and Yokomo, Keyence and many many RC manufacturers feature on my builds.

Tamiya XB Blancpain Gallardo "Liberty Walk LB Performance Lambo-Zero-R"

SuperCar Drift.

LB Performance Lambo-Zero-R design by .RSG. Top line N model and blue lighting. It was based on an XB-Tamiya Blancpain Gallardo and features the metallic flake black paint.

ABC Hobby s130 Fairlady Z with Speed Way Pal semi-works over fender "Unfair Bastard ZX"

This is the Unfair Bastard ZX s130 fairlady Z. Body is produced by ABC hobby and the fender flares are produced by Speed Way Pal. front Lip is an ABC hobby rx3 item.custom rear wing and more. One of the more difficult bodies I have produced.View the Gallery

North Craft RE-Amemiya FC3s RX-7 "Shutoko C1 FC"

RE-Xtreme Street FC3s is a direct contrast to the Asamoto spec Pan Speed FC. A street SPL with subtle mods for cool C1 Wangan Attack. Body is a North Craft FC3s RE-Amemiya RX-7

View the Gallery .

Surging SA60 Celica XX (MA61 Supra)

This is a Surging brand Celica XX SA60. The JDM version of the MA61 Celica Supra. The body is 200mm wide so it can accommodate these Speed Way Pal Panasport G7 +10 Offset with ease. Shakotan style with custom .RSG. design graphics. Now in France.

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Yokomo RE-Amemiya D1 GReddy Fd3s Rx7  "Takumi 7"

(refreshed body)
Another FD in the collection is this Inital D Project D inspired body. It's crazy spec, but I love it! I think Takumi would progress to drive something like this. Massive splitter is custom and the Side diffusers are from HPI fd3s.

Yokomo RE-Amemiya D1 M7 Fd3s Rx7 "RWB Kingyo's Affair"

Speaking of which, this Rauh Welt style Porsche FD. RE-Amemiya call this the AC Super Greddy II D1 Body Kit. I call it Kingyo's Affair because it looks like a mongrel gold fish.  View the Gallery. and these cool shots here.

Now in the USA


Hpi Mazdaspeed/RE-Amemiya FD3s Rx7 200mm with D-Stage Widebody kit. "LM 210"

This Hpi 200mm + D-Stage Kit is Awesome. I created some Mazdaspeed style graphics and used the RENOWN LM influence to create something pretty special. HPI RE30 rims in Castrol Green adorn this monster for looks, but it doesn't work with them. I use Miester S1 or Advan RS-D on this machine. View the Gallery.

Hpi Mazdaspeed FD3s Rx7 200mm - "Street King"

Until recently, this 200mm HPI Mazdaspeed Rx7 body got used most. Usually with +6 offset Hpi Work XC8 in Black... But it went through phases. Any wheels match the white. View the Gallery.

 Hpi Mazdaspeed FD3s Rx7 200mm - "Newera Imports Time Attack FD3s"

Recently updated with .RSG. graphic set for NeweraImports.com. View the Gallery.

Tamiya Super GT ORC Fd3s Rx-7 - Suenaga's "Super GT-D1"  (refreshed body)

This Tamiya RX7 used to be a bit of a shelf queen.  I installed the M7 sticker set from the Yokomo D1 Rx-7 and it looks awesome. View the Gallery and new updates here.

Pan Speed "Asamoto FC"

Yokomo Street Spec FC3s RX-7 - Pan Speed "Asamoto FC" was made to entice Asamoto back to D1. D1RC of course. It turned out much better than my design and really suits to D1 and Time attack genre perfectly. A lot of work went into this one.

View the Gallery

The Next one is my old beater Apexi FD Rx7... When I see bodies like this I shudder these days. Ride Height Stance and camber MUST be changed. It was basically retired because it was falling apart so I refreshed it with the new over-fenders and a new decal set. Now repaired and updated to the above ....Shakotan FD3s Savanna RX-73

Yokomo Apexi D1 Fd3s Rx7 Fd3s with ABC Works Over Fender. "Shakotan FD" (refreshed body)

This shakotan FD3s is a customised Yokomo Vertex FD with ABC Hobby Works Over Fenders and other touches. You can check more in the Gallery.

Now in the USA

ABC Hobby FD3s Rx7 190mm - "Taikyu FD"

Most bodies have changed over time, This ABC Hobby FD Rx7 was wingless and stickerless for a while but now wears Tamiya ORC RE-Amemiya Sticker Set and usually runs HPI TE37. View the Gallery.

On initial purchase, the shops were out of RE-Amemiya RX-7's when I bought my drift package, so this AE86 had to do. View the Gallery.

Yokomo DRoop D1 AE86 Tureno Coupe (refreshed body Tomei 86)

Recently updated with flat grey paint and Tomei livery so view the Gallery.

not in use bodies are displayed on a Street Jam Display Chassis with ABC Hobby Diffuser.