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  • Current For Sale.
  • MR4TC RF + Ninja Van 
  • Kazama DP Conversion kit  
  • Sanwa Super Vortex Gen 2
  • Accuvance Luxon KG x 8 and Tachyon ESC  x 4 + TAO 
  • A~Bo~Moon R32 Body Set
  • Waru ISF Body Set
  • Rocket Bunny RX7 Body Set
  • Various parts

Yokomo Drift Package - RF Concept - Short Wheelbase RWD Conversion (215mm)+
RC-ART Hiace (Turtle Van)  & Figure Set

Yokomo Drift Package MR4TC-RF Concept
MST Front Lower ArmsCustom DP Wipers + Carbon Extensions
Yokomo SS Shocks with Kazama Tops
Alloy Body Mount

PARTS Included
4WD parts
Blue Alloy Motor Mount
Blue Alloy Sus Mounts
Additional Chassis plate

Read more here

Ninja Van Body included, tuned to handle the same as any Long Wheel Base version. Totally Fun and capable.   Includes 6 Figure Ninja Turtles Figures and accessories, added weight helps chassis dynamics.

$400AUD + Shipping. Approx $30 within AUS $120 to Overseas.

Accuvance ESC and Motor Sets (ENTIRE SET)
the perfect opportunity to upgrade your ESC and Motors for a large collection
I'm currently downsizing and brand changing.

Accuvance Luxon KG Brush-less Motors x 9 
Tachyon ESC  x 5  w/ Capacitors

Accuvance (Keyence Branded) Luxon KG Motors
  7.5T  (5220KV) Black TF Jacket (custom) - Black Active Hobby Endbell (Street Jam Armature)
  7.5T  (5220KV) Polished TF Jacket (custom) - Polished Active Hobby Endbell (Street Jam Jacket)
  7.5T  (5220KV) Polished TF Jacket (custom) - Polished Active Hobby Endbell
  8.5T (4620KV) Silver TF Jacket - Blue Active Hobby Endbell 
  9.5T (3840KV) Silver TF Jacket - Black Active Hobby Endbell 
  9.5T (3840KV) Red TF Jacket - Normal Endbell
  9.5T (3840KV) Silver TF Jacket - Normal Endbell
10.5T (3430KV) Silver TF Jacket - Blue Active Hobby Endbell 
17.5T (2160KV) Blue TF Jacket - Blue Active Hobby Endbell

Spare - Silver TF Jacket
All with 4mm Bullet Kawada Connectors for Hot Swap
All Jackets and endbells are interchangable

Luxon KG are super smooth motors and dominated Japanese RC competition.
     Read about them here https://acuvance.co.jp/english/esc/luxon2/index.html

Accuvance (Keyence Branded) Tachyon ESC 
These are not rated by Amp and draw as much current as the battery supports. Awesome Response.

Tachyon PK (Pearl Black) - Cap Chevalier Dash
Tachyon PK (Pearl Black) - Cap Normal
Tachyon CB (Carbon) - Cap Chevalier Dash
Tachyon SB (Shine Blue) - Cap Normal - Long wires suit FR-D layout

Spare - Chevalier Boost x2
Spare - Chevalier Dashx1

Note 1 still installed as pictured

All with 4mm Bullet Kawada Connectors for Motor and Direct Battery Connection
     Read about them here https://acuvance.co.jp/english/esc/tachyon/index.html

Includes Damaged Spares (not functioning and need diagnosis 2xtachyon 2x airia )
      Tachyon CB (Carbon)
      Tachyon Airia WCB ( White Carbon)
      Tachyon Airia SR ( Shine Red )
      Tachyon WCB (White Carbon)  x2

Accuvance (Keyence Branded) TAO  ESC  Programmer
Shine Red
      Direct Connect only

      Read about it here https://acuvance.co.jp/english/esc/tao/index.html

All of the above are approximately $3500 value

$1000AUD + Ship Approx $50 within AUS $150 to Overseas.

 SANWA Super Vortex Gen2 + Program Box and SD Card

Unopened New condition in box 

$190AUD + Ship

Kazama GSX-R Chassis Conversion 
Full conversion set for MR4TC Drift Package.
    Carbon Lower Deck
    Carbon Upper Deck
    Alloy Motor Mount (Silver)
    Alloy Deck Support (Silver)
Kazama Battery Holder
Kazama C Hubs Front x2 (Alloy and Plastic)
Kazama Rear Hubs Plastic including drive shafts.
Kazama R31 Suspension arms and Pins
Kazama Suspension blocks. (Silver)

$120AUD + Shipping. Approx $20 in AU

A~BO~MOON inspired R32 Low Style Project Body Set

Pandora R32 and Dash
Custom Full Cage,
Custom Muffler ,
HPI Mirrors
Overdose Wing,
Yokomo Intercooler, & oil cooler
LED Lights (require control box)
Iroha Number plate
Wheels not included.
Includes "Beardman"
Tamiya Wild Willy Driverwith 4x4 Driuver head.

$170AUD + Shipping. Approx $20 in AU


Tetsujin Lexus IS-FSport
RC Art Splitter
Yokomo Wing
Custom Dash
Custom Stickers
GT Power Lights

$130AUD + Shipping. Approx $20 in AU

Rocket Bunny Rx7 FD3s 
Tamiya RX7 Fd3s
Custom Light modification
Yokomo FD3s Spoiler
Demi Works Over Fender
Demi Works Rear Wing  (Magnet attached)
Custom Yokomo Diffuser (Magnet attached)
RC ARt Splitter canards
P!PES Light Kit
HPI Mirrors
Custom Dash
All Stickers Painted internally (Custom Flip paint Gold / Silver)

THE best handling body ever (selling to build a new one)

$200AUD + Shipping. Approx $20 in AU

DRB/DIB CS gears polished set.

1 x BD-One Way 40T Assembly de-anodised -Near New
1 x Full Counter Gear 28T 1.5x used with belt.
$30AUD + Shipping

DRB/DIB CS gears
1 x Full Counter Gear 28T 1.5x New
1 x Full Counter Gear 22T 1.8x New
Belts also supplied
ask for cheap price.

DRB / DIB one way gear sets (3 in Set).

1 x BD-One Way 40T Assembly  - BLUE USED
1 x BD-One Way 40T Assembly  - BLACK USED

Recent Outlet Items sold out.

CSG DRB Chassis Plate Sets x3. - Sold

Wrap Up Next FR-D V3 - Sold
Yokomo Zero 10.5T - Sold
Toyota AE86 Kuso AE86 Project Body - Sold
DRB-REW V1.2 Blue Limited - SOLD
DRB-REW V1.1 Typhoon SSG Silver - SOLD
Overdose DRB Chassis Plates + SSG Towers Sold
Toyota 2000gt - Sold
Zillion knuckles and CVDs - Sold
Overdose DRB8-8 knuckles and CVDs - Sold
Overdose DRB Chassis Plates + SSG Towers Sold
Rocked Bunny ND - Sold
Yokomo YD-2 tuned - Sold
Samurai Red  DRB-REW Chassis Set - Sold.
Keyence Luxon 17.5T Motor - Sold
TRF Active Shock Set - Sold
R31 Build - Sold
Lil' Gemini - Sold
Missile FD - Sold
Taka13b FC - Sold
Pan Speed FC - Sold
Commodore - Sold
Ninja Black DRB-REW Chassis Set - Sold.
DRB-REW Production Run #Ver1.2 - 12 Chassis - 9 SOLD OUT
DRB-REW Production Run #Ver1.1 - 12 Chassis - SOLD OUT
DRB-REW Production Run #Ver1.0 - 14 Chassis - SOLD OUT
Yokomo 2.0x counter steer gear set.Yokomo DRB SSG Type1 full plate set with towers
HPI Boss S14 - Sold. 
A-Bo~Moon R32 White / Black - Sold
Tsunami Blue DRB-REW Chassis Set - Sold
Tsunami Blue DRB-REW Chassis Set - Sold
Overdose 8-8 KPI Knuckle Set Blue - Sold
Overdose 8-8 KPI Knuckle Set Silver - Sold
Yokomo 7-7 Knuckle Set -Sold
A-Bo~Moon R32 Black - Sold
Proline LF-A - Sold.
D-Like S15 Black- Sold
Yokomo 10.5T - Sold
Asamoto FD - Sold
Kin no O-Yoroi Gold DRB-REW Chassis Set - Sold.
Ninja Overdose DRB-REW Chassis Set - Sold.
Momo-baku Guild'nOne DRB Chassis Plates- Sold 
Sanwa MT-4S 40th Anniversary Radio Control - Sold.
Overdose Setting Board #155 - Sold.
Yokomo DRB Full Overdose Red - Sold.
Yokomo DRB Blue Tsunami 1.5 Sold.
RE-Xtreme 6666 Rocket Bunny V2 - Sold.
RE-Xtreme Class of 86 Rocket Bunny V2 - Sold.
HPI Porsche GT3 RS body shell. Sold
Drift Package Imadoki Rear Drive DPi-R. Sold.
Option #1 JUN Hyper Lemon S13 Body Shell.  Sold.
Rocket Bunny 86 V2.1 Sold.
Pandora Fd3s Hpi D1 Spec Rx7 Sold
RWB 993 - No longer for Sale.
Yokomo DRB Blue Tsunami 1.5 Sold
Yokomo DRB Red Samurai 1.5 Sold
Yokomo Drift Package Plastic 2.0 Sold
Yokomo Drift Package Plastic 1.5 Sold
DIB Upgrade2 Parts Sold.
Pandora 180SX Sold.
Tamiya FD3s NF Spec Sold
Tamiya FD3s Spirit R Sold
Tommi Makinen Drift Evo 3 Sold
Pandora Fd3s Sex Spec Rx7 Sold
Yokomo Brushless 13.5 Sold
Yokomo Brushless 10.5 Sold
Speed Passion Dokyo 10.5 Sold

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  1. Replies
    1. contact re-xtreme-rc@hotmail.com based in Australia. payment by paypal.

    2. DRB is not yet for sale. Please wait one month for final release

  2. hi there, do you sell the rwb shell

  3. What is included in Production Run # Ver1.2 for $ 250AUD?

    1. http://rextremerc.blogspot.com.au/p/re-xtreme-rsg-drb-rew-rear-evolution.html


      Rear Conversion Components
      These components convert the current DRB to a RWD rear motor layout.

      2.5 mm Carbon Lower Deck
      2.0 mm Carbon Upper Deck
      2.0 mm Battery Mount

      Weight Shift Components
      These components follow the current trends in D1 to allow higher ride height and longer stroke suspension taking advantage in chassis weight shift, pitch and roll for a more dynamic chassis. The can be used with any DRB Chassis.

      5.0 mm ( 2.5mm x 2 ) Bulkhead Spacer Set ( 5pcs Motor / Pulley / Centre / BulkHeads )
      4.0 mm Carbon Front Shock Tower (5mm lower)
      2.0 mm Carbon Front Upper Arm Support (for use with V1 DRB and Type C upper Arm.)
      4.0 mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower (5mm lower and Holes for longer shocks.)
      2.0 mm Carbon Bulkhead Support (2PCS for rigidity)
      2.0 mm front Servo Mount (optional)

      RWD Specific parts.
      2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set (3 options, 6PCS)


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