I'm Russ and I'm now based in Australia.

Previously, I lived in Tokyo, Japan which is the world RC heaven!

I've been into RC for about 35 years starting with a Nichimo RS Pantera when I was about 11 years old, then on to 1/12 on road with Team Associated and 1/10 Off road with Yokomo, Kyosho, Tamiya and many others.

My father started "Brian's Hobby Centre" on Australia's Gold Coast in 1974 which fed my passion from an early age with Tamiya, Kyosho and Yokomo being the leading products in my childhood.

Having been through the real car scene, rally, race and drift, I've owned over 20 cars with many in the Japanese performance category including many RX-7s and MX5s.

Which led to many years of adventures in Japan, touring the country.

Heading to the regular driving roads with a Mt Fuji backdrop

Why RE-Xtreme? I think these images sum it up.

A passion for the rotary and the RX-7 led to more than a few passing through my possession.

I also love photography and race livery design which flows in RC.

Now I'm over 40 but I have returned to RC basically for cost reasons and RC Drift has become incredibly realistic. This machine heavily influenced by Japanese D1 competition.

I have a different approach to many but real car knowledge and tuning helps in this endeavor. My focus is tackling in new technologies and I've moved focus from counter-steer 4wd drift to the more realistic feel of  rear wheel drive.

I also love the Diorama circuit which offers a space to display and photograph everyones machines.

You can see a little more history here.

From 2013 ~ 2016, The Gold Coast  RC Raceway (GCRC) was the premier drift venue in Australia and a place I've been involved with since it's opening.

In mid 2016, regrettably GCRC has closed but our members found a much smaller venue and re-ignited the name  dedicated to Drift.

GCRC+D = Gold Coast RC Drift was a smaller venue and provided maximum involvement

driving levels increased to display multi car trains every session.

team drift was the key. A decision to close was made in late 2017.

amazing enjoyment.

I love the realistic body styling these days and RC allows for enjoyment of photography also.

With the maturity of rear wheel drive drift, in late 2015, I was faced with the decision to abandon my DRB chassis or evolve. I chose the later and developed my own brand of niche market Yokomo conversions.

The DRB-REW Rear Evolution Weight Shift Conversion keeps the focus and allows for future scope.

As RC drift continues to evolve along with real drift cars, the keep drift fun and comp spec are getting further apart but that variation is also pleasing.

RE-Xtreme RC Division is a home for my RC projects, so watch this blog or facebook and look for me  anywhere realistic RC drift is happening.