Wednesday, August 24, 2016

GCRCD 2016 S-Chassis Livery

Currently working on a design for the end of the year...@ GCRCD

.RSG. + DriftLine Japan Tour 2016

September 2016 RE-Xtreme RC ( .RSG. ) is off to Japan with the Driftline Family.

10 days of drift at Japan's Top RWD focused cicuits.

6th Chiba NEO
7th Chiba WINS
8th Kanagawa, Cicuit DR.  Option: Oahu
9th Nishi Tokyo, Pro Shop Shift
10th Saitama, Faster           Option: Secret base
11th 12th Aichi, IROHA
12th, 13th Nagoya,  Tetsujin, Hikotech and option Super Rajicon.

and some others thrown in.

Lets check them out.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

.RSG. RE-XTREME Checkpoint.

RE-Xtreme 20-16 - August Checkpoint.

from Circuit and Driving... to Chassis and Body detailing. Scale style is the way forward.