Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RE-TA-06 CS 1.8 OD - Build

Ok, here is the build of the Tamiya TA-06 in Drift Spec.

Ok well I started out this build already knowing I was going to replace many parts. So this is not your typical build.

For novices, I would recommend having 4 separate containers for the parts bags as the instructions use bolts from all different bags at different points during the build. Quite frankly the build procedure is incredible frustrating and Tamiya still seems to go out of their way to make things overly complicated.

The Yokomo builds I have done are wonderful.

This is just the first bag. I already replaced half of these components.

This is the first CS modification. Rear rigid axle.

Easily sitting into the normal place.

I'd only just started this build and already I'd encountered the first crazy option. to join the gear case I need One allen-head screw and I normal countersunk screw. 2 tools for 1 job.

The same here. one silver screw and two black screws for basically the same job.

And this combination spur gear setup is ridiculous. I am swapping the rear gear for a smaller one.

Inside the spur there's a pin through the shaft. I can see replacements coming in this area also.

Anyway, time for the tub. without any reinforcement, its as flexible as a shoe.

But the front and rear bulkheads start to add some strength. The battery compartment requires a lock nut to be placed under a small cover. Yet another tedious design process. Square already offer an upgrade in this area and I think I'll have to buy it.

The rear cover for the suspension and the chassis attachment uses 6 screws. some longer, some shorter, 2mm can make you crazy.

You have to double check and triple check everything in this.

I put on this UGLY spur cover. And then decided it needed to go.

But when I took it off, I realized that the 2mm difference in screws is there for a reason. Oh well. I'll replace that. After this build I was left with so many leftovers.

Ahh, finally some good fitting parts.You really do get what you pay for. This steering set was 1/3 the price of the entire chassis set which puts things into perspective. The TA-06 is cheap!

Anyway, I'm using the IFS setup. Inboard Front Suspension.

Installed, it's set up for quick action.

I'm using my own design CS drive system. Starting with an alloy gear holder and CS reduction gear set.

For the larger gear it requires a little trimming.

As you can see here.

It's a tight fit, but elegant also.

The lower edge of the IFS cranks also needs a slight modification.

Which leaves you with this tub.

front view.

Here you can see the Front one way peeking out. My front belt is a lot smaller than stock although I might need a change in testing. I'm already at full tension and there's a chance of slippage.
See how it goes.

Anyway, with the tub complete, It was time for suspension.

I like the Tamiya ball end setup, but I hate their turnbuckles. The tools in the pro kit destroy the alumite coating very quickly. Luckily I had a team bomber turnbuckle wrench.

The rear carriers are terribly made. You even have to drill a hole at this point. WTF! these parts should be better OTB. I guess some more overdose items for here too.

Anyway, the pro kit is not for professionals. It's kind of an in-between version. I guess a TRF version will eventually be released. The alignment of suspension is all plastic. Another item needing replacement for serious Pros.

Here's the front CS system and sus arms. About this point I abandoned the instructions as the parts were completely mixed up and I could recognize what was needed.

I didn't need the front suspension carriers and knuckles. Overdose 8degree castor arms and carriers.

All installed.

These really are nicely made.

Damper time. I am again using the slow rebound pistons from Active Hobby.

Straight forward with Yokomo 300 oil.

All set up. the front is quite stiff, while the rear is very soft and compliant. I'll add some longer spring carriers.

I threw on some wheels for testing.

The chassis is quite low.

But there are some small things on this chassis that really could be better.

The ancillary common parts on the TA-06 look like those from 1980's toy. Huge, thick plastic body posts and a 5c bumper support made from super low grade plastic.

So overall, the Tamiya TA-06 pro kit is very complicated. (but as you can probably notice, I'm not a Tamiya fan) For drifters, replacing the gear diffs and steering, and a lot of suspension components seems necessary.  

The proof shall be in the handling. From now, I'll be adding Keyence ESC and motor, then off to the track.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

RE-Xtreme in Max One Videos

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB at Max one With Tamiya RE-Amemiya Super GT-D Rx7

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB at Max one with Yokomo RE-Amemiya RWB D1-Rx7

RE-TA-06 CS 1.8 OD - Project Start

Let the project begin, I waited a while to get this TA-06. Basically sold out across Japan. I've already got my entire CS upgrades with my own combination waiting for the build so stay tuned over the next week for a complete build to about 1.8 CS

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RE-DRB 1.8CS SSG HT OD - Phase 1 Complete

It's fresh from the circuit, a bit dirty, but you wouldn't know it. There's enough bling here to satisfy and RC fan.

With phase 1 complete, I'll e moving to the next level on this one.

New "Tsunami" specification will include silver Luxon KG 7.5T and Tachyon in Shine blue as these black components are used in a different chassis.

I'll also be moving to Lipo and Deans connectors for a simple lighter layout and a better integration of LED lighting.

Phase 1 Spec.

Yokomo DRB SSG HT chassis set
Alumite Blue Version
Titanium turnbuckles
Hex screw set.
1.8 FCD rear axle &belt set
World Spec front one-way axle
Yokomo SSG long spring set. R:Super Soft F:Soft
Overdose front C-hub set for DRB - 8degree castor
RC Square alloy body posts (Black)
RC Square alloy pins (Blue)

Sanwa RX-452 4ch telemetry receiver
Sanwa SRG-BL super response servo
Motor Temperature sensor & RPM sensor with custom mount.

Keyence Street Jam Brushless Motor & ESC set.
Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T (black)
Keyence Tachyon ESC PK (pearl black)
Keyence Brushless Sensor Lead 200mm

Tamiya Driver.

Wheels and Tyres (as pictured)
Top Line Mars N Model F:+9 offset R:+12 offset
Spice reversible tyre for carpet

Nothing is ever really complete..., is it?

En Route Weds-Sport SA55M

When I saw these Deep Offset SA-55M. I had to have... 500yen for 4 ... That's only 125 yen each! No wonder I have so many wheels.

In any case I'll be attacking these to match their real world Wedssport style with a paint pen.

So cheap I can't resist.