Friday, August 31, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #4 Stickering

Did a little change to the 86 sticker set.

Ready for printing on the new printer. ps... I'll be making some small "RE-Xtreme" sticker sets ($5) or so.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #3 Colouring

Oooh Yeah... getting there....

Fenders require a smooth surface for joins. so this required some sanding.

Also the inner edge were sanded on an angle, for that extra 0.5mm of clearance. this really needs to be done first or some paint will be lost to rubbing.

So then it's off for a bath in clear soapy water for prep.

Tamiya have cut costs on these bodies. So both masks and sticker set need to bu cut by hand. meaning another 30 minutes wasted on cutting and for the body it's about an hour. 

The results are still good.

tamiya masks are the "right" shape

Here are the light buckets and fenders with the backing paint.

Transparent blue with silver. I didn't use chrome on the body because I wanted more "stick" but it isn't as bright as I'd hoped. In the sun, it will still be awesome.

I'm deciding whether to add a rear radiator... but I though a BRZish bonnet scoop with intercooler could be cool. these are WRX parts... Maybe...??

test mount of tyres looks great. next step... attach the fenders and a little rear window smoke.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #2 Wheeling

Blue on chrome. Just a test for the body colour actually. I need a few more coats of clear.

MAX Burger

I dragged the old Max One chaser off the shelf today. Strapped it to the DRB and went on the gymkhana trail.

The morning at Max one was busy, but this afternoon I was all alone in Max One. So I was looking for something to do to practice. Aha! Ive never run a chaser before, so here was a chance.

The old Hamburger shell was lying around so, I planted it on the DRB and went on the Tokyo Street Attack.

I've almost perfected the highway line in the reverse direction, but there are still soo many courses you can make for yourself at max one.

These are just some of what I do.

1. High speed line.  (Currently most people only run this in the anti clockwise direction.)
2. Out Lane
3. In Lane
4. Out In Combo
5. Highway Line
6. OUT clip line
7. Deep Clip Line
8. Nascar Line
9. Centre Line
10. Hairpin Line
11. Technical Chase Line
12. Highway plus in field
13. Large Setting circle.
14. Small Setting circle.

If you are alone or with friends you can also run the above in reverse direction and adding gymhkana cones for variation.

I usually run a Figure 8 reversing direction in some manner with a Highway and low way combo that varies over 20 Laps or so.

I never get bored driving around Max One.  In some ways tandem can get a bit boring because most people run the same line over and over. (maybe this is not the case in many countries.)

So some games have started with regular battle partners.

1. Forced Exit to the highway
2. Soft Push.
3. Rear Tap.
4. Door Marking is the latest I'm trying to implement with the front wheel..


Some of the regulars. Marine-san and I.

Slashing away. He runs a very fast line.

Takeuchi-san wears the I love 180sx sticker on this car.

Dangerous liason here. My yokomo FCD gear seat cracked... A few too many impacts... but it was replaced and I was underway again. I also had a wire drop off and it was a comedy show trying to solder without the power switched on! haha.

Others practicing.

My practice of 8 hours included a tyre test. Starting with my regular Kazama Premium on Bronze TE37SL.

And I tried these RC926 HDPE KN-DT05 tyres again. N-Model +12 and +9 with spacers.

I had really good results with them today, but last time I felt they were a bit slippery. I was a lot more aggressive with them and it seemed to be ok.  

 They seemed to like a good feed of power.

Great imagery. The red 86 is soon to be retired. I still like it's uniqueness.

I also tried these old tyres that I don't know what they are. They have a little more grip than my regular tyres. Highway excursions were easy with these.

These rims I've had for ages... they kind of work? What do you think?

They certainly have some dish. +12 on the front with spacer removed.


Looks like an old Celica. I think the 86 looks like a ZZ Celica from many angles.

An interesting look for sure.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Max One, Drift Max, RC Heaven Soga, RC Circuit DR. , Weld / Overdose, Yokomo, Mikuni, Hobby Garage and more. A great day, enjoyed by many.

 Double Trouble... Iishida-san's and My own posed on the Weld JZX100.  

Teru-san's Sunny is an awesome beast for so many different reasons. 

They were a 1:1 focal point for the demo / festival event.

The organizers were given a rough patch for the asphalt course, but we all did our best to try it out.

The AKB48 team are always in abundance.

I don't how many of these guys there are now, but there's 48 girls in the group and their rc body count is getting close to that. 

Here's an FD in the livery.

And some more in the background. I was trying some old street jam tyres, but i should have gone with the yokomo tried and true.

I tried a chrome sticker to protect the carbon... It didn't really work...

Everyone was alternating between the asphalt and the outdoor carpet course. We were lucky the weather was a nice 32 degrees C! but in the shade. 

The L shape layout providing some nice opportunities.

for side by side running.

It was getting pretty popular at stages.

Here's a RE-Xtreme 5 Minute livery for my friend's son. Who wants boring old one colour anyway. $1 metallic tape to the rescue.

He was enjoying the day.

 Hard Light.

The outdoor event continued well after my schedule allowed. then everyone continued in Max One...

Variety is the key. Street look.

JDM inpsiration.

Here is the result of my waving RC arm. these kids were having great fun watching the cars. Let's hope Yokomo gets them into the hobby on some level.

Thanks to all involved.