Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rauh Welt 993 - Progress

Another update for the Rauh Welt 993 duo. Made some good progress today.

A finishing touch to the cars will be the engine room cover. I don't recommend trying to cut letters out of lexan. PITA!

First #34 recieved its final fender alignment today. I'm pretty happy with the result. The rear is wider than I first thought. Gonna be FAT!.

I also set about the getting the second body ready, I want them finished at the same time.

For #9 I decided to keep the rear cut as a single piece for ease of alignment. It worked well.

Also can't wait for these to be finished so I can convert my chassis to RE-R

Anyway, Front design is a little different. But the trademark RWB rubber strip on the front will cover any extra work I do here anyway.

Rear I decided to bring the fenders back a little further and hug the lights. Still have to drill this one (why are re-chargeable drills always flat??) but the RWB cut-out is finished, and I cut out the remaining lights from the two donor bodies for buckets.

Decals are also awaiting application. Not sure on final colour combos, so I printed all in black and white.

But here is a glimpse at amazing! The matt finish on the PS paint is great! Wing mods also require drilling and some carbon sticker. Banana wing is freaking high. May need new stays, But I'll let the other guys worry about that.

 Grey is a tad lighter than what I had in mind, but it will work well with the decals. True fighter colour.

So that's it for this round. next couple of days should get the second body to the same point as the first. Ready for Paint!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rauh Welt 993 Updates

Getting excited! This is gonna be awesome!

Fenders are attached in one point at the moment until I decide what angle I want to create at the skirts. They will be beefed up later.

Wheel selection includes BBS for display (it is a porsche after all) and Miester S1 for action.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Newera TA SPL 1/10

Testing the Newera TA SPL

I didn't have any Blue, so I was left to get creative with red.

Still looks pretty formiddible.

The real car wears Pan speed and a White Bonnet

Left and right sides are asymetrical.

Great image

Monster on Miester S1, real car has Enkei F1


Sunday, August 21, 2011

D-Like RE-R unboxing

D-Like RE-R Yokomo Conversion Kit. In an attempt to improve the overall slidibility of my chassis, I went for this.

Initial quality looks superb. the price was expensive, but it basically makes my Yokomo TC4 similar to a DRB in price.

Chassis is definitely silver.

Blue parts should match the other blue parts I have on the suspension etc. Exposed drivetrain for easy cleaning.

Belt drive is gonna be silent and I love that. Drift Package was always a noisy machine.

Can't wait to get it together, but it's gonna take a week or so.

Some Videos Here and here. (Camber?)

Rauh Welt 993 - Concepts

The Rauh Welt Tamiya 993 GT2s are currently undergoing a super widebody transformation. Well not entirely true. The main reason is for wheelbase stretch.

 My "Clients" have different personalities and while the body work may be similar, it will not be exactly the same. The rear bumper here is quite different. Similar to a starburst design. Wing will incorporate a banana GT wing courtesy of a Yokomo Kei Office S15. still needs to be attached a bit farther rearward.

So too Wheels will reflect a different image for the final machines. These 19" BBS Mesh versions will be repainted of course for "Show Only"

Usable wheels will be Hpi Work Miester S1 +9. These are required for the clearance on full lock for the wheelbase doesn't leave much space remaining. I'll be running 60degree up front and 45degree rear super hard compound Street Jam drift tyres. The front requires just that little extra stretch for clearance.

My wheels from the previous Rauh Welt FD3s  have the idlers logos, but I think I'll paint the next ones for durability.

This picture reveals the different widths and stretch angle on the tyres.

RWB: G:Force 9
Wheel: BBS LM R LP32 +6F LP35 +9R
Paint: Tamiya PS-32 Corsa Grey

RWB Speed Hunter 34
Wheel: Hpi Miester S1 +9 F 60degree +9R 45 Degree
Paint: Tamiya PS-54 Cobalt Green.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My RC History

Here's a little background. Around 1983~1986 I was in to RC cars. My father was the owner of BRIAN's HOBBY CENTRE in Australia and my love for cars and hanging out in the hobby shop naturally had me involved from a young age.

It started with a 1/12 scale NICHIMO De Tomaso Pantera Gp5 when I was about 12 years old. We would go to an old scout hall and race on the floorboards. I don't think cement car parks existed then.

After that, (it was uncompetitive and parts were hard to get) we got a parma chassis. and went from there. Sponge tyres etc etc, it was all a learning curve.

Eventually my father got a Team Associated RC-12 and it was awesome. He was instantly competitive although flying was his passion. It was passed to me. I had a light Delta chassis but the split batteries were a pain and the RC-12 soon took over although not as great handling.

I took a couple of Australian junior titles and usually ran around 8th outright. Not bad for a young kid but even that cost a lot for my parents. In those days a single Reedy Engine was $110 and a set of front or rear tyres was $30.

So a lower cost sideways move was 1/10 off road. I was building Tamiya RC kits in my spare time for the shop and we started to promote the shop with off road with aYokomo machine but it was super heavy. The  Associated RC10 was a better choice but again the metal chassis was heavy and running time was reduced.

So the final car I had (and still own) was this Kyosho Optima. A pretty good item. But buggies were not car's and I soon lost interest in my teenage years. maybe If we had rally bodies (which I loved) I'd never have stopped. but I guess real cars and slot cars took over and that's another story.

So now I'm 40 and been into RC Drift for a while. But it's the bodies I love. Cool packages.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RAUH WELT - Project Start

Why can't someone make one already?!?

My last project began from a conversation that led to my Kingyo's Affair Porsche/FD.

Well the conversation was to build a rauh welt porsche. However it was proving to be more difficult than I though because no one makes a GT2 porsche for Yokomo size chassis.

last week, at a special Tamiya Fair, I found 4 lonely 1/10 GT2 that I though would be great. But when I got them home the wheel base was way off.

So I decided to merge two into 1. then I have another 2 in to 1.

So there's 2 cars coming.

I've already hacked the first one and started to create the bodykit from the second.

As the cars will be painted in matt finish on the outside, some creative "moulding" can be done without requiring that shiney perfect finish.

now, If only I had a vacuum forming machine, 3d software and an ABS printer. then we'd get creative.