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DRW-REW Config #3 Typhoon Spec

Typhoon Spec is the Silver Polished Branding for the RE-Xtreme Machines. This Config is the final testing platform. The most DRB of the DRB-REW so far.

De-Anodising and polishing on the cheap.

Do you want bling? you must have patience. Here's a tutorial on how to de-anodise and polish.


Big Entries were the flavor of today at GCRC!

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RE-Xtreme RC Drift Bible - Wheel Speed.

Wheel Speed. Is this what drift performance is all about? The grip threshold.

Real machines are getting more grip... Isn't drift about slide?

Is the above image RWD or Counter-steer? It doesn't really matter. the fact is, the car is doing what resembles RWD burnout and thats what we want isnt it? Well not really.

Sunday, November 1, 2015