Tuesday, September 30, 2014

RE-SuperG @ GCRC

Took the FD down for a blast.

The image is certainly there.

Its good to the debut out of the way. Now I can just trash it.

Unfortunately the track was gripped up by some foreign tyres, so noone could really get the tandem action we deserved. Therefore no action shots yet.

But there was lots of interesting stuff. BelAir 57 Chevy. for Drift... yes indeed.

looks awesome on JDM miesters.

low sled style. awesome.

Monday, September 29, 2014


The FD of Death has been RE-Born into a D1 machine.

Nothing has really changed except the bonnet scoops and the sticker set.

But the result is pretty cool.

Just a few shots in the morning. This is what happens when you don't check your camera settings. haha.

RE-Grand Prix Style

Many Projects... Time to step it up.

Any drift car that pushes the limits of control is bound to have a few "incidents"

With the street look of the black FD3s no longer looking it's reflective best, especially on the doors and rear corners, it was time to think about the next step.

With supply of some ORC Z33 decals from fellow Overdose DRb runner, I found a home for them.

I also decided to toughen up the FD3s a little with a huge vented bonnet from the Active Hobby Body shell I cut up for the Pan Speed FD.

The result is nearing completion. Ready for max attack.

The body includes...

Pandora RC Fd3s Base.
HPI Stage D RE-Amemiya N1-GT-AD Style Aero kit including light buckets.
Active hobby Wing and Hood scoop
Yokomo mirrors, wing stays, oil coolers, wipers
Yokomo S14 rear diffuser and custom supports

Yokomo front combination lamps and rear light buckets
GT Power light kit
Tamiya PS-5 Black Paint.
+ custom dash and more.

The Rocket Bunny pig now has a little too much poo on the rear. Drift scars and damage adds to the character. I added a few Tamiya stickers. You can't forget that Tamiya Polycarbonate paint is THE BEST. 

The old craft square mirrors on this "RE"-86 have taken quite the beating. Having been replaced twice.  So this time, I've reverted back to the standard door mirrors.

Kyle approves

This body includes

Tamiya 86
Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Aero Fender, Side Step, front bumper Fender extensions and front splitter.
Yokomo 86 Orido rear wing
Yokomo 86 light buckets modified
Yokomo Muffler, Intercooler
Yokomo GDB WRX vents and roof spoiler
Custom Rocket bunny decals.

So this body is ready for even more attack. A new tow hook up front, fenders and splitter re-attached. May the destruction re-commence.

While many enjoy the street look. I love these Full Attack D1 machines. 

RE-Xtreme RC Drift Bible - Servo Setup

Spline Settings.
23 tooth spline - Sanwa / Airtronics / KO / JR
24 tooth spline - Hitec
25 tooth spline - Futaba / TT / ACE / HPI

Sunday, September 28, 2014

GCRC Raceway Drift Circuit Evolution IV - Test

What are you looking at here? Open Spaces? Yes indeed.

We have opened up the circuit for a more open and ultimately faster circuit.

I'm going to take some more shots of the whole complex in the next week or so. So stay tuned for that.

Faster doesn't necessarily mean closer drifting. What it means is, you have to be super close in 2 tight corners that lead onto the long long long fast sweepers. Then you can tuck in and get close. There's a lot of room to get it right.  

If you can set up well, you will get some awesome rewards. Excitement is UP.... I'll have some videos to show, so check the facebook link later, ----> see facebook on the right side.

CS 5.0 Training.

I haven't really spent much time setting up the 5.0, so today I found a quiet spot and tuned a bit.

One thing you might want to try when setting up a car is running some marked wheels like this.   The target is to get to get the fronts not moving too much. Hence the reason for 5:1 rear bias and why I also run a tiny pinion and large spur. that allows you to control how much wheel rotation you have.

One revolution of the front is five revolutions on the rear wheels.

Even on the slightest throttle, the rear is spinning up and the front remains slow. After driving this for a while then switching back to CS 2.2, the angle and amount of lock required is vastly different. You have to learn to drive again.

With the throttle EPA on about 60%, I'll be removing the 7.5T from this machine and going to the 10.5T again to spread the rev range.

While it's fun to drive with masses of power, the energy is mostly wasted on a slippery surface like this, so soon there will be more tuning to come. I've also moved back to +9 rims from previous +7. My DRb settings like this size.

Champagne Sensations.

It was a nice effect this afternoon, these two champagne colored  machines casting a nice image.

This Skyline Ken&Mary Version has a GT-R Sound card installed. Screaming it up.

The chassis is a CS 2.6x plastic team magic that performs very well. The body is probably worth more than the chassis. 

This machine is an R3R with D-Like  FD3s RX7. Here I have some lighting effects on it, but without it's an amazing fade from light to dark. 

While the D-Like RX7 Shape is a bit off scale with the short nose, but still cuts a great shape.

 There were some solid battles towards the end of the day. Fun for all.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

GCRC Raceway Drift Circuit Evolution IV

So after excavating the carpark... there's a new strip of concrete to explore.

It will only take a day or so to bring a shine to the concrete.

There's still a few things to clean up and make the circuit presentable, we need some lines and a few reference points to add so people don't SLAM into the barriers at FULL SPEED. If you are not careful, you will definitely be hitting things.

But what we have created here is a super long sweeper that links up to the main straight. The original track option remains, I'll still be using that to let the faster guys by and enjoy a few more switch backs.

Come down and try it out.

GCRC PA-Excavation

 Hey Hey Hey, Parking is cool.

But this collection of machines will be in the last photos in this spot for a while...

I've taken a lot of shots here and it's always been a quick escape from the full speed attack. or a place to catch up for a drive through.

We have been running in the reverse direction for a while recently and this tight section in front of the gas station, requires a bit of skill.

So in a couple of discussions last week about making some changes, we discovered this would be an easy change to facilitate some new driving lines whilst still keeping the original options.

To all those on track today, I had some awesome battles and we did some good training so I expect that over the next few weeks, there will be some new high speed imagery.

Parking? Hmm, the second PA still exists, but change is

Friday, September 26, 2014

GCRC Views

In the last week, I've tried to improve the already great imagery at GCRC.

With everyone spending a lot of cash on their cars, they are the star attraction, but without the awesome diorama circuit we have built at GCRC, the realistic imagery would be lost as if you were driving in a car park setting. 

There's probably about 200 kilometers of track barriers at the circuit. Covering them has been a work in progress for me. Add small things like track marshalling points , flags and other decoration adds to the realism.

So when you slide by, there's something in the image to give scale proportion to your vehicle. 

A bit of greenery also goes a long way.

Sometimes, the decoration is just in the corner of a photograph, but you need reference.

For proximity.

And realism.

Turning in after brushing the wall. 

 Chasing through the kink.

4 or 5 astern into the hairpin. Puttin in WORK.

one out slicing up the centre.

Lighting up the rear wheel drive competition.

When you approach RWD with a CS car, we all know that RWD is a little slower.  So if you slow down just that little bit.

You can still have a lot of fun. And the high CS car is perfect for this.

Getting MAD!

JXR Jokers... 3 deep

And you never know what you can outrun in a onevia.

Awesome night.