Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to RE-Xtreme RC Division

This will be a home for all my RC related stuff previously without a home. I have a Yokomo Drift Package with a few mods that I am enjoying in the drift scene. Recently in 2010 it has become an Full Counter Drift setup with less 4wd and more Rwd.

I have loaded the history and my current collection. So really the blog starts from here. 09/09/09 easy to remember.

Enjoy my RC Drift Blog. It may not be updated too often but stick it in your RSS feed list anyway.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Street Drift - Test

Well It was a quiet Thurday Night so I took the car out onto the sidewalk for a few shots, then a bit of action. I was quite surprised at this picture. Looks awesome.
After I had the bug... I went back inside, swapped over to the Droopy Tureno and hit it again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MR-4TC SD CM Chassis Update

My Drift Package Chassis (MR-4TC SD CM) is now at a reliable stage. It has the additional parts from the updated kit including the gods sent easy access battery clip. Apart from the other accessories listed below, it's still pretty stock.

I want to add the carbon conversion to save some weight though. And the Drift Master alloy front and rear gearbox housings. Other future mods will be small additions to tighten up the sloppiness of the steering and suspension.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RE-Xtreme GT-34RC Super GT Drift - Tamiya

RE-Xtreme GT-34RC is Calsonic R34 Super GT - Tamiya

This is the combo and theme I had in  mind for this body.

The black rims and white car contrast extremely well. small splashes of blue and red are slight accents.
The dish on the Emotion XC8 and the 6mm offset accentuate the curves on the GT-Rs doors and fenders
The GTV rims here look ok actually
But I'd want some red wheel nuts.
TE37 are just OK here. They are too small and look too flat.
Just the wrong offset.
Advan RS however pump the guards. I  cant run this much lower cause the splitter is low.
But the rear looks cool with the RS. White and Gold is always a good combo.
CE28 look ok too. I may repaint these gun metal inthe future or clear.

RE-Xtreme Drift Hack

Droop Espelir AE86 Tureno by Yokomo
My current drift hack is my Yokomo Hachi on ADvan it looks cool.
But these are my good rims so it's a combo that doesn't see much action.
these do the test duty and are bearing the scars.
Paint is getting stripped after countless concrete crunches. The stickers around the front windows constantly fell off and have now been ripped off permenantly
The carbon bonnet sticker never fitted well and is lifting as is the font radiator. On TE37 its also very cool and gets action in the daylight. Requires my tall rear posts.

RE-Xtreme V3 - FD RX7 - RE-Amemiya SuperGT - Tamiya

RE-Xtreme V3 - FD RX7 - RE-Amemiya SuperGT - Tamiya

This body is awesome! Set for the street on chrome CRKai, it looks great. But there is a problem. Even with suspension set at ultimately low levels, the body is unable to be lowered enough at the rear on the standard posts.

So you are left with a dilemma.
Run the body high or cut the rear posts... hmmm.
For now I don't like many wheels that I have on this car apart from the Emotion CR-Kai
They all stand out too much.
Even the awesome RS are too bright. (they will be painted Siver)
But until then it will not look it's best.
High side view. The little side fender addition wings already have some damage.
TE37 look good but the offset is wrong for this car.

RE-Xtreme V2 - FD RX7 - Vertex Apexi Yokomo

RE-Xtreme V2 - FD RX7 - Vertex Apexi D1 - Yokomo
AKA The midnight drift stealth machine of death! Until you run LED
Something about black on black that says sinister. you can hardly notice the red chrome decals.
Here its a completely different street style show car. that says Bling look at me.
Advan Racing RS just look like the Craft Company FD.
High impact for Time Attack Drift.??
TE37 will make anything look good... almost
They work well here.
Even the CE28N look good.

RE-Xtreme V1 - FD RX7 - ABC Hobby

RE-Xtreme V1 - FD RX7 - ABC Hobby

Best are these TE37

Match the colour very well.
CE28N are good
But don't have the subtlely.
RS are just BLAM!
In your face gold. Silver would be great though.
And I was surprised by the look of the GT-V pretty sweet for the street.

RAYS Volk Racing TE37

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N from HPI with Advan Neova AD07 Tyres. This has to be the ultimate combo for JDM drift. They come with stickers too. Very cool. These are only +3 Offest for Hpi. Perfect for Yokomo. The Tyres also come with a bunch of stickers to slap all over your car. After a few sets you could almost cover a body.

Work Emotion XC-8

Work Emotion XC-8 from HPI with Toyo Proxes Tyres.

These are the mid offset 26mm version with +6mm offset. The tread doesn't last long on these but they come with cool sticker set. Available in wider offset also for 200mm body. These just fit inside the Yokomo fd.