Wednesday, October 26, 2011

S130 Inspiration

 I have a few ideas now for the S130 build. After seeing this source pic. I'm happy I chose the Deep Dish steel wheels. While My fenders will be slightly bigger, I'll be going for the carbon / black and body colour combo.

I recently have a thing for sand colour cars like this 1/24 supra I made but I'd like to get more of a mustard look going.

The front bonnet and air dam, I'm undecided on at the moment, but If I do go that way, I like the idea of the small thin line on the raised section like the US 280ZX. Kind of a 20th anniversary tribute in Mustard not Gold. I'll also make a Whale tail type ZX Turbo Spoiler.

Then there's always the tough Grey. Hmmm. No shakotan candy paint here. Just low and tough.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

XX Mask Cutting

Managed to cut the masks for the XX celica today.

Forgot they go on the inside, so I'll just reverse the slash sides.

no drama

All good.

Real Drift RE-R Settings

D-Like Real Drift Settings for my reference.

1.8 CS / FCD

F 15T + 38T
222 belt for the front.

R 20T + 32T Belt
471 belt for the rear.

1.5 CS / FCD

F 14T + 40T
Stock belt for the front.

R 20T + 36T Belt
Stock belt for the rear.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SA61 Supra XX

Scheme is done for the Shakotan XX.

Silver and Gun Metal base with Blue pink and Purple. Panasport G7

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Surging XX MA60 Celica Supra

This is something I just want. Shakotan style Celica Supra. I've been looking at it for ages and today I just gave in. It will take a while to complete as I have a lot on.

However a full shakotan style livery will be implemented.

A quick test as usual reveals a very wide fitment is possible so it's gonna be cool!

The surging gallery image is cool.

There are a couple of mods I can do for more width if needed and the front can become more realistic by inverting the lower portion of the front bar.

I'm pretty sure I can find some light bukets for this square front. And maybe cut one light for the raised look.

Something like this... SOARER or this SKYLINE

I've been researching for a while.

My Fair Lady

 I saw a photo from speed way pal featuring the ABC hobby Z and ....

Their new Semi Works over fenders and.

Their Panasport G7

I couldn't resist. (this has been changed to Black in PS) HOW ABOUT THIS

Body has almost everything you need. It's bumperless OTB so I can run it like that with some under bumper detail. Or with the big fat late 70's rubber bumpers.

Light boxes, but no lights. Coming soon.

I had to buy the fender mirrors. I guess thats OK, because not everyone needs them. But they are ON the box.

Anyway, here are a few colour designs. I DON't want a BRE style race car as that's been done.

I've chosen the gun metal G7 Panasport wheels now so it may have an effect on the colouring. I like the pale yellow although that would be hard to replicate.

Dark metallic blue or black and gun metal may be high on the choice list.   Paint will be simple so it shouldn't take long for this one.

Check the choices and give me some comments.

Wheel Selection Imperfection

Here's a little dilemma I have. I have a lot (upwards of 20 sets) of rims and tyres amassed over time.

These T&E Advan RS-D were purchased for this FD Porsche RWB body, But they weren't quite wide enough at +6mm. This Yokomo body is actually quite wide.

So they sit around unused, but still super cool!

So, I went and bought these AWESOME Racing Sparco NT style rims from Street Jam. The ONLY reason I'm not using them is that the centre hub area is too small for the wheel nuts. WTF!!! BE WARNED.

I'll have to machine them somehow.

So they too sit around unused, but still super super cool!

These will not be used on this body.

I recently bought some Panasport rims for another project and they look ok but somehow not quite right. Thank god because I don't need these on my list for this body. These rims are a bit too old school... if that gives you a clue...

So there you have three sets of rims that are unused and taking up space in my box.

Awesome Sparcos +8.5

Panasport G7 +10

and Advan RS-D +6

Maybe oneday they'll turn a tread.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm the first to admit... this looks freaking too cool! Centre lock 17" Miester S1 with a 90mm dish on a AE86 would be awesome. But sometimes, it's a bit unrealistic.

So how about this. 14" steelies by Street Jam. Albeit with a massive 100mm dish. It's more realistic but it has much less impact.

These wheels are designed to have a fake tyre sidewall so when they join to Spice or Street Jam tyres, they look stretched. pretty cool huh.

Now my problem is, I love the Miesters so much, will I ever run the steelies? Or any of my old rims for that matter.

That is yet to be answered.

likewise, the new color for this body... outside paint. RWB style.

Battle Damage

So after the countless collisions with the scenery at Max One, "Kingyo's Affair"  the front of the FD / 993 was looking a bit battle scarred.

The splitter on the other side has all but torn off. So I'll be putting another behind it and then shoo goo to the rescue. I also have some Kyosho fibreglass "light sensitive" reinforcement tape to try out, that might do the trick.

Anyway. I also invested in a set of my own carpet tyres. These are spice Reversible style. They have a very small footprint and have a 45 degree side or 60 degree side. The only drawback being ride height. they are actually quite thin. Maybe I'll Reverse them to have a thicker sidewall for Idlers paint.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Max One - Tokyo

 My friend and I headed down to Max One Tokyo Bay tonight to check out the new location. Awesome Fun!

I took my RWB FDorsche Kingyo's Affair. I updated the front with led in the vents and hooked up the headlights to the 3rd channel It looked awesome sliding around.

In my excitement, I always forget to take pics first and smash later, so the front splitter took the brunt of the action. I was learning the track, it was my first time with the RE-R chassis, first time on carpet and first time with Keyence brushless setup.  But I was getting the hang of it. I am really happy with the setup. A lot better in a real setting with target lines to hit and guys to compare against.

Another few thousand laps and I'll be confident enough to drift in tandem with the other local guys who were very very  good!

I was using the rented tyres but I'll be buying my own carpet tyres for this place.

The top section of the MAX one layout is unused. Unfortunately too narrow for any sliding, but great for shots.

I'll definitely be back.

Ps. Stay tuned for a few posts from the Drift Master Dino on Speed hunters. His drift hack chaser is wearing th RWB drift spec wheels. Background is another teaser.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RX-73 DRS-10

I found these new rims the other day an I knew they would match this car. The straight chrome lines are a perfect match for these 10 spoke wheels.

I chose +9 front and +12 rear but I could have done +12 all round.

But I like the tuck at the front and on full lock there's no drift issues.

I've still got the work wheels set up for this too, but If I'm feeling flashy, I can Bring the Bling.

These wheels are from Top Line. Drift Fighter [Jupiter] DRS-10 W Chrome Front Offset 9 Rear Offset 12

 Speaking of Bling , I installed the Yokomo active light kit back into this car, Bling Blip, Flash.

What a pain in the ass these are.

Wires everywhere. Lighting is never an elegant solution.