RC Drift Bible

Welcome to the RE-Xtreme RC Drift Bible.

In an attempt to answer many of the regular questions I get asked, I'll pass on some knowledge, add something to think about as well as some tutorials and examples.

The following categories are covered.

What is Drift? Body Building tutorials,Chassis Options and Performance, Driving style.

But as everyone has a different idea of RC drift style, Locations to drive, technology and focus, I sometimes pose questions rather than provide absolute answers.

RE-Xtreme Style

Elements of Drift - A look at Real Drifting and RC application.

Track and Style    Where to drift and what to expect.

2018 Styles  2018 - RWD Scale Styles

2017 Styles   2017 - Full RWD and Teams

2016 Styles   2016 - Evolution to RWD

2015 Styles   2015 4WD and Countersteer Main

Buyers Guide.
50:50 , Full Countersteer Drift or Rear Wheel Drive? What are the main categories and types of RC drift

1/10 Scale: What to aim for? 1/10 scale car and 1:1 scale speed Vs 1/10 scale car and 1/10 scale speed

Buyers Guide Rear Wheel Drive... Options 2018 01

Buyers Guide Rear Wheel Drive... Recommended 2016 08

Basic Buyers Guide All Chassis Types

Yokomo Tutorials  


Driving Styles  How to drive in different ways on the same track. Match the locals.

The Drift Line?  The effect that trains and battles don't mix

Lessons in Line 1 - Race or Drift  Judging Line and Track position
Lessons in Line 2 - Brakes and Entry. Brakes make you better

Balance for Battles - Change setup to follow line.

Tsuiso Battle Driving. BATTLE STYLE


RWD Setup considerations

AE86 Kuso AE86 Project

Ratios vs Power Distribution
Gearing and Motors.
Motor choice II
Wheel Speed
Wheel Speed Pulleys for RWD  CS

Front End Geometry 1 - Castor Camber and KPI
Front End Geometry II - Steering and Ackerman
Front End Geometry III - Steering Scrub Radius
Geometry - Toe in / Toe Out
Wheelbase Adjustment
Suspension - Spring Tension
Suspension - Arcs and upper arms 

ill finish these one day...I hate rebuilding shocks...
     Suspension - Damper Setting   
     Suspension - Damper Position
     Suspension - Rebound and Bound

Maintenance Issues   Why do things break

Chassis Setting for Specific Circuits
GCRC Raceway Countersteer Settings
Millennium Raceway Countersteer Settings

Chassis Accessories

Weight with Aluminium More weight... what is the effect
De-Anodizing with "Arumiba"
De-Anodizing with Oven Cleaner and polishing
Driver with moving head Servo driven.
Driver with moving head. Link driven

Keyence Programming.
ESC Black Wires


Aerodynamics and Performance

What Scale How big is 1:10 really?
 275 VS 260 Part 1    Part 2
Body trimming Quick smooth trimming
Cheap Light buckets and a dash
Dash II

Planning Wide fenders
Fender Sanding.
Attaching wide Fenders and acessories 

Wheel Offset and spacing.
Adjustable Offset Rim Solutions 
Stance and Wheel Positions

RC photo shoot.

Yokomo Specific Chassis types
Yokomo Drift Package Versions
Yokomo Drift Package DRB Versions
     DRB Setting Sheets
Yokomo DIB
     DIB Setting Sheets

RE-Xtreme History.

2018 coming soon
2017 Spec
2016 Spec
2015 Spec
2014 Spec

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  1. Anyone out there with an Overdose Vacula II setting sheet? Would be a big help, thanks!


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