Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shafted one way

Can't wait to stick my new shaft in.

It's in,

Very different. Gotta get used to it.

I might go to Akiba on Friday to test it out and spend a bit of time on setup.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Run time wheels. These don't require cutting the body, They work fine.

Top view shows the cool!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

RE-Xtreme RC 210 DLM GT2 FD3s

Drift Le Mans? I Wondered what kind of liveries would appear on Mazda race cars these days.

This RENOWN based color scheme is a mix of the white Efini sponsored cars post 787B LE-Mans win.

The green is simply impact. 19" Rays Volk Racing RE-30 in green should simply be on all race cars.

Up against my own FD, we may see something happen in the future, but I don't forsee it attracting this much attention. But then again it's been done before. A bit of vinyl here and there.

Anyway, this is mounted on a Yokomo Drift Package that usually runs 190mm body.
This is 200mm HPI Mazdaspeed FD3s body
D-Stage RE-Amemiya Facer, Side Skirts and Rear Fenders.
D-Stage Mazdaspeed R-Spec Diffuser,
Yokomo S15 Wing and
Yokomo Craft Square Mirrors.

It's 210mm at the rear and the HPI RE-30 Wheels with T-Drift RE-11 32mm +6mm Offset all round. The rear requires +6mm Rear Axles.

Although it looks like a GT2 car, It will be drifted.

I'll post some Videos on Vimeo when I get around to it. Stance, clearance and some small details need to be addressed.


RE-Xtreme LM RC

Finished Almost.

The wing is a yokomo S-15 GT wing that came with craft square GT Mirrors.

Mounting was a pain. I spaced the front and rear fenders with 5mm rubber gromets to meet the 190mm body.

In the end I got there. i haven't played with stance or steering angle, but it will have to be lower to clear the body pieces on full lock with these wheels.

Very Happy... I need a few more stickers and some colour on the rear wing. but thats all in time.

Next will be an out door shoot.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stick it!

Efini and RE-Xtreme custome cut stickers.

Almost there. body panel drill and attatch then wing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo Yah!

 Flat out Dope! no dissin this ride y'all!

Pumped and mad.

Not 100% finished yet. Still RE-Xtreme decals and Efini Logos to add.

But looking good.

Can't wait to mount it and get sliding.


I love it when a plan comes together.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preparation 7

It's still going to take a while to finish this. Getting the panels to line up perfectly and in the right place is no easy job.

I had a few runs due to impatience and paint incompatibility. Transparent silver and black didn't like each other in 10 degree ?HEAT? not ideal.

Anyway, it will tidy up nicely in the next few days. Still pissed about the side skirts.


Paint Mistake! Ahhh!

With sooooo many pieces I was bound to screw something up.

I have to rush these days with limited free time.

5 colours for this body. I thought I had it all in the right place. But!!!!!!


I dicovered later. I forgot to paint the rear of the sideskirts the lightest shade. Grrrr!

Time for lots of stickers in that area!


Yeah Baby!!!

Castrol Green Rays Volk Racing RE-30!

Gonna be cool!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scheme colours

A bit of a departure from white, but I feel a silver combo with two shades of gun metal and carbon will allow for a better accent with bright fluro green lines. I'll be painting the wheels also.

Stay tuned.

Paint should flow in the next few days... after the bad weather passes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Masking Time

It's turning out to be pretty special. My combination of the Renown design and Efini colours will look pretty good I think.
Dashed lines will be silver, There will be some gun metallic and white with varying levels of pearl and transparancy.

Slightly changes with the dimensions of the body of course. small changes to make it all line up.
Just have to cut a few more masks then it's paint time!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

210mm not forgotten.

Why 210? Because this is the HPI 200mm shell + 10mm kit. It's going to be pretty cool!

This is the first time I have strapped the body panels together and I must say, Its got good dimensions.
Body colour white and transparent silver backed with white.
Silver Renown colour scheme.
RE-30 may become white!

Anyway, I have been busy with my real car, so the mini FD has had to wait.

BTW, I found my 10 year old MiniZ. Have to sort this out.... one day.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Livery revised...

This body may take a while. I have a new 1:1 so the image may change to vaguely replicate what may never happen there.

Renown influence, Efini influence, Street Warrior.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Project 200+ Livery

Project 200+ is the designation for my next RC body.

The livery will be very close to this design based on the Le Mans 787B run at Autopolis in Japan around 1995.

I have previously thought about this for my next real car also.

I am going to run sleek lights with white cover surrounds and buckets rather than black to give a more integrated effect. I am not running light buckets on this one.

There will also be a small green pinstripe surrounding the green roof and hatch with silver in between.

The Hpi Stage D RE-Amemiya style body kit has soo many parts. It's going to be a pain to assemble but it should look good when complete.

My Hpi 19" RE-30 deep offset rims will probably be gold or bronzed. Le mans car runs Volks with gold centers and chrome dish so I may leave the rim of the RE-30 Chrome first. See what happens.

If I stuff up the paint. I'll just coat in Matt Green on the outside. Rauh Welt Style


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drift Max Akiba!

Happy Birthday to Drift Max Akihabara in Tokyo!.

I purchased my 200mm FD3s HPI body for my wide body project. yay!

To my surprise I got a free t-shirt for their 1 year opening celebration!

I have purchased a bunch of stuff from them in the past.

Check out Drift Max here.

Thanks Guys!!!

FD3s Project 200+

Here is the difference in Japan. HPI bodies are made in the USA.

Retail... 3500yen. Drift Max Price. 2778Yen!!! Ye----haa!

Stage D Body Parts Set.

Australia. $56.95!!!!! Lucky I got a discount!!!! Ye-----haa!






test fitting.

this is a 200mm FD3s with parts meant for the 190mm body. The front of the 200mm is 190mm so it's only the rear that may need some careful heat bending...

Gonna be cool!

I may post a trimming tutorial too.