Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Straya day

 26th January is Australia Day, So it was fun to have a little national style.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Dial in.

Setting up a new chassis that pushes the limits takes some time.  This is especially true for RWD.

Whether it be a Plastic Drift Package. or a high end machine. They all have their little tricks that are needed.

Converting a chassis from 4WD to RWD means changing a lot of components or modifying. I'm doing a little of both.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

RE-Xtreme 2016 Checkpoint.

2016 will begin with a full RWD suite of drift chassis. So let's get ready.

Control is all out M12S with Sanwa BLX Servos and Gyros. Response is UP. Acuvance ESC and motors continue to be the Silky benchmark for power delivery. so there is no excuse for driver inputs.

Rear Wheel Drive is the future of RC drift.

For me, it all started in 2013 with a gyro less plastic Tub. 2014 evolved with an Imadoki Drift Package that was replaced in early 2015 with this custom Drift Package-Drift Master as a weight shift style rear wheel drive prototype.  The idea of the exposed gearbox setup similar to the DRB influenced the purchase. Since then, slide-rack and mono-shock install up front. Extreme long stroke rear shocks and rear bias wight with high battery mount have produced a pretty good benchmark.

Currently performance is very very good. So I learned a lot about RWD setup on this chassis.

Until recently, this was my main CS chassis. A custom made mid mount DRb chassis based on the Guild'nOne chassis conversion set with GRK Slide rack options and DP suspension. Many ideas filled my head, as it was close, but not exactly what I was after. I needed more. More than Full OD.

So in mid 2015, I decided to develop my own conversion chassis set. The primary focus was to combine the lessons learned from DRB components that I have many of and my DP weight shift prototype.

I could have designed anything. Flamed or tribal, but not wanting to lose the Yokomo style, I decided to go with a DRB chassis image with the flexibility I needed for RWD.

Joining the Drift Package Catalog with the DRb catalog opens up configurations. The Prototype allows for 5 Servo locations, 2 Suspension variations, 6 Steering variations, 2 Rear Shock variations, diffuser options, Battery location options, and so much more. 

I think I have created something special here. It will allow owners to continue to evolve the DRB for years to come.

In 2016 I hope to continue the development process and complete similar designs for the DIB-REW and DP-REW.

As my chassis all move across to the RWD configuations, in the very near future. Stay tuned.

But first up and most important...Keep the Drifting Fun. Even the plastic chassis can bring the grin.

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Initial Setups

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Prototype and the first conversions nearly ready for action.