Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Japan Trip 2016 - Tetsujin Drift Lounge

See these three Tetsujin Flags in a row... they are very important.

Welcome to the Team Tetsujin Drift Lounge.

Japan Tour 2016 - Hikotech

Location Nagoya. We were treated to a few sights and sounds before reaching this little gem.

Welcome to Hikotech!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 - Faster

Being smooth is the key to run "Faster"

Welcome to Faster Circuit Saitama.

GCRCD - Full Attack

Back at GCRCD, I have definitely leveled up since my trip. A huge thanks to all the names on this body and many many more. The people I met have had a huge influence on my RC skill.

Settings are difficult as we all know but I tried to learn something from everyone I met. And now I am applying that to my driving and settings at GCRCD.

YD-2 - Yokomo's dedicated RWD chassis.

Yokomo's YD-2 has been long awaited and yes, it has already taken over.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 NEO - Night and Day

NEO Circuits are in Kita Kashiwa and occupy two levels of a medium size building. The Diorama circuits are THE best around and therefore was a must first stop for us in Japan. 

Welcome to NEO!

GCRCD - Return

Two weeks...  What a difference!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 Preview

My RE-Xtreme Japan Tour this year was so amazing. So many superlatives. While I am back in Australia... The Driftline tour continues.   This is a preview of posts to come.

Day 1. NEO Circuit.

2 x Diorama circuits on P-tile.

So much to see here, and like all our locations, just not enough track and talk time.

Day 2. WINS Circuit Narita

Diorama style running big angle

Bumpy gently sloping urethane painted concrete. 

Day 3

Circuit DR. (Doctor)

P-Tile Semi-Diorama circuit with flowing layout.

Day 4  Pro Shop SHIFT

Longer Straighter faster running.

P-Tile Semi-Diorama Circuit

Day 5 FASTER Circuit

P-Tile Semi-Diorama Circuit.

Mix of Speed and Angle.

Day 6 R's Meeting Fuji

1000 GT-Rs


the odd Toyota.

Day 6 IROHA circuit.

1/2 Diorama Real Style

Smooth Epoxy Painted Concrete

Day 7 IROHA circuit again.

Try to use everything we learned to date. But still learning a lot.


Bumpy Gentle Sloping Painted Epoxy 

Day 8 PM


Compressed Asphalt Diorama Circuit

Aggressive D1 Style

I'll be having a full post on each circuit... so stay tuned over the next few weeks.

With the odd feature.

But for now... I'm exhausted, inspired and relaxed.

there has been features on all the Japanese blogs so far. Linked through my Facebook page.

NEO    http://ameblo.jp/puruo-510/


WINS  http://ameblo.jp/wins-narita/ & ’Kel http://ameblo.jp/keru0921/


CIRCUIT DR. http://ameblo.jp/rccdr/

http://ameblo.jp/rccdr/entry-12198110488.html with video

PRO SHOP SHIFT &Sobaya http://ameblo.jp/osobaya/

FASTER http://ameblo.jp/rc2circuit/


IROHA  http://ameblo.jp/iroha-circuit/


TESTSUJIN  http://ameblo.jp/team-tetsujin/

HIKOTECH http://ameblo.jp/hikotetsu/

OAHU http://ameblo.jp/rc-oahu/ next time

Check em out (日本語)


Saturday, September 3, 2016

GCRCD Benchmark

How do you benchmark your RC drift skills?

If I can have fun, then that's certainly enough for me.

Thursday, September 1, 2016