Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nissan 180SX-2X PROJECT

Check out the latest project(s)... I'm having Twins!

What does a Yokomo DRB with insane Countersteer Ratio running a Pandora RC Origin Labo 180SX with Kazama Gram Lights and heap of small details have in common with a Yokomo DRB with insane Countersteer Ratio running a Pandora RC Origin Labo 180SX with Kazama Gram Lights and heap of small details.

Everything except colours.

A while ago a decision to make a twin body was hatched. It stemmed from the RE-Xtreme NF Spec client build and the RE-Xtreme Spirit R which was sold to the same client to create a father son team.

So the decisions for this battle partner were tough. RX-7s again? Maybe? I was disappointed with the D-Like FD3s that showed a lot of promise, but the shape was not right and the thought of customizing another pandora FD3s with D-Like panels simply didn't appeal so soon after the D-Like S13, so we decided to go for these awesome 180SX that already had good shape from pandora RC.

Most of the details are here.

Just lights and inter-coolers remain on the shopping list.

Where is it all heading?

 So ... the team bodies are underway.

Taking inspiration from Mui-Factory images from the Pandora RC Site.I'm going to try and keep these simple but also add my own flavour to create two D1SL spec machines.

I went through many many many iterations

From D1 Spec.

to Cammo Assassins

through the striped weapons

And this one is a fave.

But there's nothing wrong with simple.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ol' School Sunday Sizzle Part 2.

Better check your mirrors, because when this 240Z rocks up behind you, shit gets serious.

I handed over the control to the Drift Master and set about taking shots. I'd already done a couple of hours of this kind of proximity in an awesome session.

The Tamiya 240ZX and Toyota 2000GT were a perfect match.

Constant blasting was fun. I don't mind running the line these days. It's heaps more relaxing that the on/off brake throttle action that happens from the following machine. haha.

Hooking into the sweeper!

Next corner... Yep, he's still there.

Boo yaa! there was a lot of this!

The imagery was awesome too.

Yep, he's still there.

Reversing into the park. time to cool down.

GCRC, the place for RC!

Sunday Sizzles Part 1.

Some massive battles today on the Gold Coast RC Raceway Evolution Drift Circuit.

I've always maintained that if you want awesome battles, you need similar setups. These two FXX are like twins and they can get close.

Very Close rear drive action.

Very very very close. No pressure just on the limit fun.

You aren't alone very long at GCRC. You can always pick up a battle partner.

Double Skyline battle in the higher CS 3.0+ range. 

The battles take place all around the circuit.

with close proximity.

If the speeds are a little different eventually you catch up. play for a while, but really it's better matched with your own pace.

Of course I was battling both sets hard. My DRb 3.0x sits somewhere between rear drive and CS at the moment, Ive set it up to really replicate the rear drive image and most times, you wouldn't really know the difference. 

There's always An image to be taken.

Static or active. You can get the magic shot! I love this one.

Shooting in the daytime is much better.

Loving the shine.

Rocket Bunny 180SX

It's all in the detail. And yes there's a lot of detail.

Start with a Yokomo 180sx, then add an Addiction Rc Rocket Bunny wide body kit.

Including front bar and rear spoiler.

Then add a D'Magic rear bumperless kit. and start creating some custom parts to make it all hang together.

The diffuser and rear window covers aside, the front splitter is a nicely designed piece. 

The owner has chosen black painted chrome Enkei's that look awesome.

Mounted on a full tune FXX-D, it certainly looks and drives amazing. 

these ultra wide yokomo bodies are massive. Extended hubs and wide offset are a necessity.

Overall finish is awesome.

If you get two super wide Yokomo bodies side by side, You get some cool imagery.

Light and dark, the contrast is cool. My Red Rocket Bunny Bumpered S14 is just as radical.

I forsee many Super Sunday S-Chassis battles, so I'd better keep my silvia in my setup.

So enough static pictures. What about action.

Well the rear wheel drive imagery is there.


Gotta get a driver in there.

to complete this insane machine.