Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review

With so many highlights. It's easier to check my Google + blog feed as it is an easy way to get a visual representation of my year in RC madness. I'll add the links at the end of this post to see about 4000 photos I took and blogged this year.

You won't find anyone else on the web with this much quality content.

so without further adieu....

Ive selected a few of my favourites.

this triple 86 day was awesome! Scott, Arun and I in Battle mode. At the start of the year the 86 got a lot of abuse. But it lasted the whole year... Probably due to a few rebuilds and the introduction of the black FD3s

My main car setups earlier in the year were fairly similar. Three DRBs and three RX7s. 

I had some totally memorable battles on the old and new tracks at GCRC.

Capturing my own driving was a rare occurrence when someone else grabbed my camera. But they are moments I treasure.

If there's one machine I will keep and probably retire to the shelf soon. It's my Asamoto FD3s.

I took it back to Japan in early 2014 for some carpet adventure. It opened my eyes to many things and refreshed my RC passion... probably a bit too much.

Because I ended up with a few new additions. Some will stay and some will go in 2015.

but you know... this is all you really need. A plastic tub with good steering angle and a bit of CS. haha.

I had a great year at GCRC. It took a while, but the Street Legal S13 was a success.

It led to another S-Chassis twin build. 7 bodies built in this year.

Always fun to meet and greet. then battle your ass off. 

RC combines my Build, Drive and Photography hobbies, but the mechanic stuff I neglect a bit.

I traveled around the country a little too. 

Sampling what everyone has to offer and grow the hobby.

For 2015... I plan to use this 86 until it falls apart but please give me a few weeks before everyone runs tyre marks down the side...

It probably will end up costing over $350 to complete. I always try to respect the bodies people make because I know the costs involved.

Until I get or give the go-ahead to start close contact tyre-on-door drift, please give one car's length at least.

This is one of my favorite shots of 2014. With D1, D1 Street Legal and Formula D still heavily influencing my style of Drift. It's something I'd like to incorporate more in 2015.

So for 2014 please spend a while browsing the image RE-Xtreme RC image galleries. Select your favourite shot of 2014 and let me know with a link to it in the comments. 

Google + Album #1  November 2014  ~ December 2014  800 photos
Google + Album #2 May 2014  ~ October 2014 1900 photos
Google + Album #3 October 2013 ~ May 2014 1900 photos

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for following RE-Xtreme RC.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Diorama Sunshine Shoot.

I moved the diorama outside where the backyard should be...

While not in direct sunlight. I still have a more realistic lighting situation.

Pretty happy with the result considering how rough it actually is.

Size is 900mm (3ft) x 600mm (2ft) base with building 300mm (1ft) high

This space will be for all to use. So I hope to see everyone getting creative.

GCRC Workshop Backyard Diorama.

Well, she's finished. Just in time for the new year.

You would have noticed in my previous GT-R delivery post that the diorama was almost done.  But the minor details were outstanding. Having disposed of the GT-R and pushed the motor-less 86 inside.

It was time to finish the diorama. My Gemini was the first to be shot in the backyard. Lights are on, but in fact it's daytime. Who left the lights on?

Someone had been testing the stencil on the checker plate. I wonder who? Who left that lug nut out there also? Might have to put a hose out here, cause the Gemini needs a wash!

Basically, there's enough room to get one car here or you can squeeeeeze in a second. The 180sx is a bit long so it's a single shooter. I lay down some off cuts and a few posters and stuff in the corner. the hot shot and grass hopper will stay with me though.

This is the kind of imagery I hoped to get. Maybe I'll hang the logos... I'm not sure yet.

I wasn't going for 100% minute detail. Just an overall image. I could spend another 200 hours doing more and more and more. But the return is not there. 

What you already get is a fantastic photo-spot. I had these first shots unlit and indoors, so the reflections are harsh. But you get the idea. 

The cars can be the stars. I'll be taking this down to GCRC when they open in 2015. Expect so see some awesome shots of the Moolman's S13 in here.

Monday, December 29, 2014

GT(S-T)R Delivery

Well the GT-ST / R is out of the workshop.

There are always things you want to do more and more. But I have to stop somewhere.

I left the lower vents closed for re-enforcement, but of course they will look better blacked out.  The Diorama is not 100% complete. But its close enough for some realistic shots.

But in shadow and from more than a meter away. you don't notice the vents.

Added some final touches. But it needs a big fat exhaust and those small loops that poke through the GTR bumper.

Mirrors were needed, these HPI leftovers are actually a nice shape for the Skyline.

+10 up front is a "just fit" senario on the already wide MST.

The first thing the new owner will do is try on numerous wheel sizes and offsets. these are +7 although the rim is an additional 1.5mm wide.

At the front and rear Offset depends on height. the higher you go the more you can stuff under. These are +7 with 2mm extra spacers. Still tucks beautifully.

What is that GT wing doing there?!!! Looking bad ass is the answer.

Well , it's not mounted, but the thin nismo item is removable. 

So a few more holes and small screws would have it looking like a street / semi track '90s day time attack GT-R in no time.  many a japanese street car has a few bits of tape covering the holes in the trunk lid. A tell-tale sign of a sunday track special.

I like this look the best. to me, this is '90s JDM style. Perhaps fresh from the Garage Saurus Factory. A 780Hp, 9 second street / all round machine!

Anyway, I'll pass this on to the client today. 

If he doesn't like it, perhaps I'll keep it for myself... Wa ha ha!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yokomo DRB Full Overdose

Overdose brand products from WELD Technical factory have transformed from niche market products to almost mainstream. From their first conversions for the HPI TC-D the DRB was the second chassis to get the overdose treatment.

Take a closer look.

The Yokomo DRb (now discontinued) was the starting point. 68000 yen back in the day was the asking price for the Touring car derived BD style chassis. It didn't include one way bearing or rear Full Counter Drift Spool so it was a 50:50 style machine.

Oround early 2011, the Overdose brand selected the DRB for modification.

The main feature of the overdose upgrades are the chassis plates... the plate accommodates for drift package Type A/B/C style suspension or the DRb style. also the battery can be positioned aft  and the spur clearance is increased. Chassis twist does increase slightly but when used with the OD motor mount, this is restricted to the rear of the chassis which is very manageable.

The motor mount provides a rigid area that reduces stress on pulley bearings
The steering allows for slightly more angle and improved ackerman at lock.
KPI knuckles are always nice to prevent chassis lift.

 Full OD upgrades for DRB are

Overdose Silver Carbon Upper and Lower Chassis Plate Set 19800
Overdose Silver Carbon Shock Tower Set 4900
Overdose Blue Alloy 8-8 C Hub and Knuckle Set  6800
Overdose Blue Alloy Steering Wiper Set  6800
Overdose Blue Alloy Motor Mount  8000
Overdose Blue Alloy Spur Holder 1500
Overdose Blue Alloy 12T Idler Pulley 1800
Overdose Blue Alloy 12T Belt Stabiliser Mount and Pulley Set 2300

Overdose Blue Alloy Bumper Weight 3200
Overdose Blue Alloy Servo Saver  1800
Overdose Blue Alloy Antenna Post 1500

Total upgrades around $700 alone.

Other upgrades on this chassis include.

Full bearing upgrade
Full Screw Set Upgrade
Yokomo Rear FCD 1.5 Spool
Yokomo Front One Way Spool
Yokomo Rear Hub
TRF shocks.

probably another $400

So for around $2000 you could have built this for yourself back in the day. Depreciation is good for me.

This chassis will become a new base for my existing Blue DRB and parts are swapped over to complete the OD upgrades.

Then one of MY existing DRBs will be for sale. 

That's the plan anyway.

V2.2 Assembly

Assembly is a long process... 38 body parts, plus mirrors, lights, exhausts, interior, intercoolers and more.

All of my Rocket Bunny machines run the trusty Yokomo exhaust pack. It may get some purple titanium look.

86 front is like a bird or dinosaur. Bird headlights   ....

... feature modified optic fibre strands.

Taped in place...

then goo and peg where needed

side skirts need a bit of attention.

Wing is also gooed but all needs to dry properly.

So... the assembly has started... a few weeks should be done.