Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wheel Test and More

Stance and offset can turn a dog into an amazing machine. Video on Vimeo

This set includes.

Advan RS with Yokomo Zero 1
NT03 with Yokomo Zero 2
Work Xc8 with HPI Drift
Work XD9 with HPI Grip

Advan RS
These provide good driftability and control.

With 1.5x full counter gear and grip tyres. WRONG! Spin Spin Spin.

Yokomo Zero 2 offer good control but traction is limited...

Very slidable though.

I always find myself coming back to HPI drift tyres. I think it's because the black work wheels look amazing.

But they have good grip and good control.

They wear quickly, but I cant go past the good all round ability.