Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yokomo 01R2 & Enkei NT03

More Wheels! Yep! But there is a reason! I needed something to mount the new Yokomo Zero One R 2 wheels on.

NT03 were a choice more for another body I have. But as I use this most, I 'll test everything on here until I'm happy with the FCD setup I have.

Now the tyres are interesting. Inner Rubber Hub for gripping the tyre and a quite hard plastic rim. They are much harder than HPI T-Drift tyres.

Here is the mounting instructions for part 1.

The Flexible Rubber inner is easy to get on.

The outer ring is harder so they recommend some oil for sliding the hard tyre on, then making it flush is still a pain in the arse, so I wasn't 100% with this.

Here are different stages of assembly.

I did a test run today with 6 degrees of camber and I must say they are awesome match for the Yokomo FCD setup

I am running
front camber 6 deg
rear camber 6 deg 
FCD gearing 1.5X
FCD front castor carriers 7 deg
TN Rear Axle +6mm

I have some blue painted concrete near my house so you can see I'm getting good results and even wear.
This was after 20 Mins. Wear rate seems to be good. Should last longer than T-drift and offeres similar control.

I was impressed. Maybe I'm just getting used to the FCD setup and My settings are getting there.
About the only thing I want to try are some extended knuckle arms which seem to be the latest rage in Japan.

Everyone is making them.