Friday, September 28, 2012

Under Aristo

This body represents a new beginning. Overdose Aristo with Overdose Genosis.

FC Final Friday Attack

Well, tonight was the final session for the FC. It was certainly a change from the 86.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

FC Final Attack

I mounted the FC today for a flying attack before I pack up more of my stuff.

The 86 Sessions

Some of you wanted to see more of my driving... Watch the Blue 86 and the highway mode stuff for my style.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pan Speed Asamoto FC for Sale.

I'm cleaning out... so cool stuff could be yours. One week only.

Samurai 86 For Sale

Here's your chance to get one of the coolest bodies on the planet. "Used"

Mikuni GL Ultimate

 Sometimes I can't refuse a bargain.

Maximum Drive - Part 2

RE-Xtreme 86-RZ Tsunami Spec

Maximum Drive - Part 1

Today, I took this old bash, masher FD down to Max One. I like the carbon-look look.

New Chassis Choices. ZEON / DPM & more

Yes DPM. Yes Tuned. What you see here is a drift package that isn't a drift package at all.

Today, Takeuchi-san finished his DPM. These pictures show a silky smooth build similar to his other Yokomo cars.  Overdose DRB, Overdose DIB and now DPM. Note the new steering hubs and upgrades. They do allow a lot of lock.

Overdose parts are used for driveshafts and main bling items. Spur gear cover will hardly be seen, but the servo saver arm and overdose damper adjusters will be. 

Also favoured are RC-Art shocks with titanium shafts.FCD 1.5 is installed. Alloy sus arms and other things to come.

The build is finished with an Overdose bumper support, new Overdosegenosis wheels and some wrap up next nuts.

Electrics are Futaba with Keyence Tachyon Aria in matching silver carbon and a Luxon KG with blue Anodised cover (that I supplied cheap.)  too bad it;s hidden under the yokomo fan cover.

Anyway... this is awesome. Theres a lot of steering travel. it drifts very much like a DRB / DIB and very little like a adrift package. I tried it today and drifted alongside. Yokomo shaft owners, this is a definite must have upgrade. Use that old  DP for Rear wheel upgrade and get this DPM...

Hmmm. on that topic of "Shaft Love"....  Check this Zeon Mark III. Yes it's another of Takeuchi-san's chassis.

Prior to the DPM, this was about the only full tune shaft chassis worth spending a fortune on. 

 They really work well. This one has a west mountian rear conversion plate to accept drift package FCD gear. Street Jam chassis parts and upgrades are plentiful, therefore you can make these chassis bling easily.

full metal jacket. until this week I was considering one of these. but after sampling the DPM also, Maybe I'll stick with Yokomo.

Max one customers today also brought this sakura. Maybe running by next week.

 It's a bit "tight" and has that cheap feel to the plastics. Cheap but no one way as yet and probably needs a few mods.

The Owner of this Overdose DRB is trying one of the mods from the latest magazine. Simple link front suspension. With a chassis of already high ability, Its hard to really notice too much change. But it felt a little smoother post change however the shocks are moved outward.

This is the OTA-R rear link setup. Another super effective chassis.

And a nice tachyon spider install in this TA-06. These are still an amazing chassis.

So what's the choice for around 50000 yen? probably a DPM for 30000 with 20000 or upgrades will make a nice machine. but a super nice spec is still around 80000.

I think that's whats needed for a super bling chassis.

RE-Xtreme DRB Typhoon Spec

I've decided to de-anodize and polish my DRB.  Code name RE-DRB Typhoon Spec

I've always had three levels of tune for my chassis sets.

Tsunami Blue/Silver, Samurai Red/Black and Typhoon Silver.
For now I'll use the Carbon Black chassis before I decide to get an overdose chassis or not.

I picked up a few things to aid the transition to silver surfer.

Overdose Spur Cover
Overdose Servo Saver Horn
Overdose Damper Adjustment rings
Overdose Antenna Holder

Active Luxon KG Heat Sink End Ball

Silver Wire Cover

Shortly after this shot, the blue wire tachyon was replaced with my silver one and all the wires were cleaned up.

For a transition it's looking good.

Next week I'll be starting the process.

Bling it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FD RE-Hash-Bash-Mash-Crasher

I didn't know what to do with this old body. It was unused since January when I stopped running the TA-06. It was in need of repair. too.

I gave it a VERY QUICK and nasty wrap with vinyl last night. and just used up some old stuff I had lying around. Call it a test if you will.

I probably won't even use it. It may go to the donation pile.


Taco Charger Update

Taco Charger... New sticker Complete. Matt Silver base.

Bling is better.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is RC Drift these days?

Drift in RC has been about replicating the real car's sideways motion. So has that evolved too?

The original drift package did this for about 2 years with limited success as the 4wd drifting of an Evo Lancer is what was replicated, but the bodies were what drew everyone in. The cars in those days actually didn't get too sideways though, so was it real?

Then the Ketsukaki / FCD (full counter drift) / CS (counter steer) drift took over adding realistic sliding behavior. It looked real, the front one way bearings allowed for rear handbrake style slides and this really caught on and challenged the competition / fun direction.  If you want a fast chassis or a stylish realistic chassis. The two are not always compatible.

A whole swarm of parts were created for optimizing the individual's needs in favour of style.

More recently, the thirst for realism has seen many small business with innovative ideas and decorative additions. making the cars look even more real challenging the eye. On a diorama circuit, the reality is mistakable.

These small companies ideas have recently been copied furiously by the limited IP ethics in the country of manufacture. Some have even improved upon the originals. You only have to look at the Type C drift package from Tabao to know that. The gear case is unique.

In Japan, there's always a craze in RC. That's what keeps these companies in business. The Japanese love seasonal activity and crave new things. You see, the magazines promote something one month and then they promote something else the next month. The wave never ends. It sometimes even contradicts itself, but popularity transforms.

Anyway these days the main 257mm chassis market segment is so saturated with products, even manufacturers can't decide what to do. They just build everything. Front Motor / Mid Motor / Rear Motor / Shaft Belt and hope someone buys something. they are all similarly priced with no real differentiation. For a beginner, these options are simply overwhelming. DRB, DIB, DPM, DPC, etc etc OTA-R3R etc etc
Nobody knows what is best because they are in the end all the same. Most top competitors mix and match components anyway. so you end up with a DRBCMR3RODCS.

But they haven't really mastered the look, with front wheels spinning way too fast. Recently the emphasis on realism sees a little more direction split in the RC Drift world that may even bring about different classes of competition other than just carpet and asphalt.The search for markets.

1. ML 275-290mm Wheelbase.
This is a new wheelbase spec by street Jam to literally extend the sales of the OTA series chassis.
the target is the huge VIP market in Japan. Big 4wd sedans don't adequately replicate in 1/10 so this will open the market to others. Street Jam are pretty good at identifying markets and the Pick up truck bodies have been a success, so this should be too. But it may also be ignored, just like the 250mm Tamiya chassis. You will need a bigger track for these also.

2. True FR 2wd Drift is one such option that may never compete with 4wd CS Drift for speed but maybe for style. There are a lot of of compromises to get something on the same level as a 4wd. One of these is traction. The lack of front traction really effects the speed of drift when using the same tyres. The  style component matches D1 cars recently that have special front arms that allow near parallel wheel angle. The FR drift car needs this same angle. But when I look at it used in RC, it just doesn't look right. seeing your car drift with the wheels at near 90 degrees is a little weird at first. maybe it will catch on. My 2.2CS TA-06 was like this...

Does this picture look ok?

So what will be my next chassis. An ML capable chassis or the full FR experience.

I was thinking about an OTA-R Zeon shaft drive with about 2.0 CS. It gives me the option of the ML chassis later.
or the FR-D.

Looking into pricing. The FR-D will cost a LOT more than the Zeon to get to the same level of cool!

Fr drift seems good on paper, but what is the reality of getting into an FRD.
No friends to drift with. I doubt anyone else will have a similar chassis for a while, so it could be a complete waste of money.

Maybe I like wasting money... haha.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Max Attack - Tsunami 86 Shoot

So after adding some panel lines and swiping off the mirrors, I'm still left with a cool machine.

The wheels here are an old Option No1. style finished with a tinted chrome. It's quite durable too.

the colour is a little uneven, but that's ok because the edges have a chrome to them.

This is the closest shot to how they actually look in real life. They are about +10ish.

Anyway, I was taking some shots.... like this after I had finished adding the panel lines and headlight details.

I went to change lens and there was a big monster in the way. Teru... MOVE!

The long lens is nice effect.

At 400mm I'm about 30 meters away in scale terms.

I reconnected the rear mufflers for some Hachi Rocket action also.

A fun day at MAX ONE!

Max Attack - DRBodied GrOOp ShOOt

Here is a beautiful shot... I like it a lot.

 I love the red reflections on the 86 door. I needed just a little more depth of field though in this shot.

Reminder... must cover the rear light bucket.

So there was my Tsunami 86.

May One Overdose DRB with Weld Burger Cresta.

The Hpi Weld JZX with large diameter wheels looks awesome. The driver is a beginner but I had fun with him all day. He is getting better. It makes a big difference starting with a great chassis. He is almost up to speed after just two days with the Overdose DRB. 

enter Takeuchi's 180sx. This is a chinese copy body. It seems to be holding up. Mikuni wheels and the chassis is also an Overdose DRB. 

I spent a short time today setting up the suspension on the MAX One DRB Chassis.

This is a nice shot too. I like reflections.

layout cut and paste for a header.

Lights on! My 86 looks awesome on the Highway section at full counter.

So there you have 4 DRBs and 4 different bodies. All cool and all fun. but

Q: Why is the 180sx soooooo big.
A: Because Yokomo.

So you may notice the 86 has some pretty wheels and a little more detail... Read the next post.