Saturday, January 1, 2000

DIB Upgrade Pack.

For a lucky guy with a DIB RS, these parts would make good options.

Here is what I have

DIB SSG Chassis with extra holes for lateral battery position.
DIB SSG Upper deck.
DIB SSG Chassis Support parts. Servo mount, ESC mount, 
DIB Front bumper and bumper support.

FCD 2.0 Rear Belt.
FCD 1.3 Rear Belt
Alloy FCD 1.3 Rear drive Pulley (Red)
Alloy Stock Rear Drive axle and spare plastic drive cups.

Alloy RR suspension bar 3.5 degree (red)

Yokomo Alloy Spur Gear cover (silver)
Yokomo Alloy Damper Caps (silver)
Yokomo Alloy Damper Rings (silver)
Yokomo Alloy Damper Seats (silver)

Front suspension knuckles and Castor Carriers (10 degree) with kingpins
Rear suspension knuckle plastic (Stock Spare)
Front suspension carrier plastic (4 degree stock spare)

Value approximately $200

Price. $100 including shipping within AUS

options if purchased together
DIB RED ALLOY Bumper Support +$15  (I can swap out original mount and keep that).

HPI lateral Battery Mount $15
Yokomo Lateral Battery Mount $5

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