Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tamiya Super Stock TZ

As another part of my initial purchase I got this TZ tamiya motor. Its a 23T for more torque and servicable. Not that I have yet.

In the states these are about $50 but almost all basic motors in Japan are about 3000yen. Cheap
Super Stock Motor TZ

A high performance motor for electric radio control car use.
A high torque motor designed for endurance race or low speed track.
Can be disassembled for maintenance.
Blue anodized end bell with brush dampers.
Features terminal heat sink and detachable chip capacitor.
23 turn motor
Usable voltage: 7.2V
R.P.M. at best efficiency: 26,500rpm (7.2V)
Torque at best efficiency: 500g-cm (7.2V)
JRM certified motor.

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