Thursday, April 30, 2009

RE-Xtreme V1RC FD3s Super Taikyu Drift

The RE-Xtreme Version 1 Street FD has been updated for racing. The left over stickers from the Tamiya ORC car have a new home.

With the Bronze TE37, the body comes alive now with highlights and contrasts.

You hardly even notice the massive white bold stripe anymore.

It looks like a Super Taikyu Race car or Gymkhana car now. Ready for action.
Below you can see the Neova tread on my new wheels. These HPI rims and tyres are cool, but they are soft. They give much better traction on slippery surfaces but wear out very fast on abrasive ones.
I'll thin about the yellow fake lights Not sure...


  1. Does this body come already painted

  2. No.

    this is ABC hobby Rx7

    Tamiya Sticker set..


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