Friday, February 26, 2010

Offset Setting

I needed replacement disks as the last ones were cracked and completely wrecked. These are now on the car for show. I also have many wheels and some are too wide for normal bodies. 

I'd been thinking about getting some clamp on drive hubs, but they are way over priced. So I ended up with these. They allow me to lower the offset of normal wheels or fit deeper dished wheels on normal yokomo bodies.

I'll try them on  over the next few days. i especially want to correct my GT-R with +6. I like the dish on the XC8 rims at +6 but They need to  be brought back under the narrow GTR body. The thinnest of these hubs is 4mm should do that wipe 3mm off the width nicely.

ps. can anyone confirm the benefits of these different parts...

Clamp wheel hub (for precision) wobble free??
Clamp Wheel Hub Narrow (for precision) minimal offset adjustment with spacers
Light Weight "RakuRaku" Wheel Hub (Light weight hub) are the o-rings ok?


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