Monday, September 20, 2010

Project 200+ Livery

Project 200+ is the designation for my next RC body.

The livery will be very close to this design based on the Le Mans 787B run at Autopolis in Japan around 1995.

I have previously thought about this for my next real car also.

I am going to run sleek lights with white cover surrounds and buckets rather than black to give a more integrated effect. I am not running light buckets on this one.

There will also be a small green pinstripe surrounding the green roof and hatch with silver in between.

The Hpi Stage D RE-Amemiya style body kit has soo many parts. It's going to be a pain to assemble but it should look good when complete.

My Hpi 19" RE-30 deep offset rims will probably be gold or bronzed. Le mans car runs Volks with gold centers and chrome dish so I may leave the rim of the RE-30 Chrome first. See what happens.

If I stuff up the paint. I'll just coat in Matt Green on the outside. Rauh Welt Style


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