Sunday, July 30, 2017

Test & Tune

This chassis hasn't changed setting for over 6 months. What to do?  Change it up!

GCRCD With .RSG. from RE-Xtreme on Vimeo.

It's right at that point where more effort and bring the biggest rewards.

I've been running without front aero (bumper and splitter) on the S13 for some time because I liked the feel, but as others are changing up their machines, I thought I'd attack the REW and re-set.  

Results are strong with increased "turn in" and balance is now very re-active to tune with quick adjust to rear shock angle as circuits need. 

The other beast on the tuning table is this one... Drift Package (DP-REX) with Overdose and Active Link Suspension. It rolls very realistically.

I l;ook forward to tuning this one more.

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