Saturday, February 10, 2018

Garage Life

After the close of GCRCD - It's the garage life that still gives some pretty good sessions.

Garage 63 promotes some cool rotor action.

Walls become all that more close and 

Tiles and poles are part of the fun trackstacles

My FD picked up some flat black as the tight battles raged... time out for a mini shoot.

 Yes... Garage 63 is right on the water

I wouldn't try and drift the boat ramp though... 

It's a bit too slippery.

Realizing the narrow space needs a short body, I switched to the Altezza and headed to J-Garage.

Some of the GCRCD-panels are in play to extend the square.

Mixed Surfaces provide no issue for RWD, and the tight layouts are still fun.

Get your Drift on anyway you can.

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