2016 Spec

RE-Xtreme RC starts 2016 with 3 main chassis.

Of course the RX-7s are still running, But a new look R32 baseline starts the year.

The ALL black Ninja machine was sold to fund other projects and now 14 DRB-REW have been sold and a second run of 10 are in production (most are reserved).

This gold DRB-REW also gone to a new owner.

So let's take a look at the current lineup that's proving to be right up there with the best.

DRB-REW Prototype #000 Typhoon Spec.

The Prototype. This machine has been with me for a long time. Polished and refined. It's recently been upgraded to the latest DRB-REW components and proves as a test bed for settings. 

Yokomo DRB
.RSG. DRB-REW Conversion Prototype
Yokomo V2 front bulkhead, bumper weight, hyper drive bridge V2, BD7 shock mounts, short Lipo spacer , BD7 Ball Differential.
Team Suzuki rear suspension arm.
Overdose Motor Mount, Steering Wiper, spur cover, Shock Adjuster, servo saver for Tamiya, DP Lower Y arm (modified to be replaced)
Wrap Up Next GX Knuckle V2 / Axle
RC926 Springs
Sanwa RX482 SRG-BL, SGS-01D
Keyence Tachyon REV + Luxon KG 17.5T + Active hobby cover.
Venom 3800mah Short Lipo

DRB-REW #005 Tsunami Spec.

This machine is effectively how Yokomo would make a RWD DRB.
Mostly Yokomo components have been used with the exception of a few OD parts.

Yokomo DRB
.RSG. DRB-REW Conversion SSG Silver
Yokomo V2 front bulkhead and lower arm, long wiper for Doripake, hyper drive bridge V1, BD7 shock mounts, Short lipo spacer, front knuckle for DP 7deg KPI , BD7 Ball Differential
Team Suzuki rear suspension arm black.
Overdose Motor Mount, bumper weight, spur holder, shock adjuster, servo saver for Yokomo, Antenna mount.
Wrap Up Next Upper A-Arm
Kazama rear knuckle.
RC926 Springs
Sanwa RX472 SRG-BLX, SGS-01D
Keyence Tachyon REV + Luxon KG 7.5T+ Active hobby cover.
Venom 3800mah Short Lipo

 Currently trialing the Front servo config on this machine.

DRB-REW #014 for Samurai Spec.

The machine is the third, final and latest addition to the clan. One of the later production run machines. It's the least modified of the 3, however using the larger battery tray and a some non-conventional setup inherited from a unique donor chassis, the results prove that although I have 3 machines that look similar, the driving feel is incredibly different. The silent nature of the venom belt kit adds another dimension to this machine.  

Yokomo DRB
.RSG. DRB-REW Conversion Black Production version
Yokomo hyper drive bridge V2, small front bumper weight, DIB Servo mounts, DP short shocks, BD7 Ball Differential
TN Racing Rear Knuckle simulated rear active camber link suspension
Overdose Motor Mount,  Rear plastic suspension arm for Vacula
Yeah Racing spur holder,
Venom Belt drive
Active Hobby Antenna mount.
Wrap Up Next Upper A-Arm 4mm shaft, V3 Lower Y Arm, GX Knuckle V2 / Axle
Kazama rear knuckle.
Sanwa RX472 SRG-BLX, SGS-01D
Keyence Tachyon + Luxon KG 17.5T+ Active hobby cover.RFI 4000mah Lipo


Control is all out M12S with Sanwa BLX Servos and Gyros. Response is UP. Acuvance ESC and motors continue to be the silky benchmark for power delivery. So there is no excuse for driver inputs.

Rear wheel drive is the future of RC drift. I say this with the love for CS, but there are things that CS can't replicate. The RWD platform is far more flexible, and let's you concentrate on driving line rather than saving the cs chassis from change of direction spins with super quick steering.

For me, RWD started in 2013 with a gyro-less plastic Tub. 2014 evolved with an Imadoki Drift Package and the adoption of gyro on polished concrete that was replaced in early 2015 with this custom Drift Package-Drift Master as a weight shift style rear wheel drive prototype.

In mid 2015, I decided to develop my own conversion chassis set to negate the need to eliminate all my DRBs. The primary focus was to combine the lessons learned from DRB components that I have.

I could have designed anything. Flamed or tribal, but not wanting to lose the Yokomo style, I decided to go with a DRB chassis image with the flexibility I needed for RWD.

Joining the Drift Package Catalog with the DRb catalog opens up configurations. The Prototype allows for 5 Servo locations, 2 Suspension variations, 6 Steering variations, 2 Rear Shock variations, diffuser options, Battery location options, and so much more.

I think I have created something special here. It will allow owners to continue to evolve the DRB for years to come. Black machine was sold to fund further production.

In 2016 I hope to continue the development process and complete similar designs for the DIB-REW if possible and DP-REW.

The final machine in my collection is this DP. Everyone has to have a DP.

I have this full chassis and the small RF concept chassis recently converted to RWD also. I was using this on carpet to full effect.

Yokomo MR4TC Drift Package
Wipers from DP Conversion for RWD.
Yokomo Motor Mount, Alloy Suspension Mounts, Type C mounts, DRB front bumper, Ball differential.
Team Suzuki rear suspension arm. 
Overdose Battery Mount,  Servo Saver for Yokomo
MST Lower Y Arm, Knuckle and axle
Kazama Shock Tops.
Sanwa RX472 SRG-BLX, MST V2 Gyro
Keyence Tachyon + Luxon KG 10.5T+ Active hobby cover.RFI 4000mah Lipo

Current config is using the Small RF concept chassis.

As my chassis all move across to the RWD configuations. Stay tuned.

But first up and most important... Keep the Drifting Fun. Even the plastic chassis can bring the grin.

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  1. very interested in the DIB-REW as i have a DIB that Im currently running in a RWD set up

    1. DIB spur shaft causes and issue with rear height. Battery above the motor is a bit hard to fit.


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