Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My RC History

Here's a little background. Around 1983~1986 I was in to RC cars. My father was the owner of BRIAN's HOBBY CENTRE in Australia and my love for cars and hanging out in the hobby shop naturally had me involved from a young age.

It started with a 1/12 scale NICHIMO De Tomaso Pantera Gp5 when I was about 12 years old. We would go to an old scout hall and race on the floorboards. I don't think cement car parks existed then.

After that, (it was uncompetitive and parts were hard to get) we got a parma chassis. and went from there. Sponge tyres etc etc, it was all a learning curve.

Eventually my father got a Team Associated RC-12 and it was awesome. He was instantly competitive although flying was his passion. It was passed to me. I had a light Delta chassis but the split batteries were a pain and the RC-12 soon took over although not as great handling.

I took a couple of Australian junior titles and usually ran around 8th outright. Not bad for a young kid but even that cost a lot for my parents. In those days a single Reedy Engine was $110 and a set of front or rear tyres was $30.

So a lower cost sideways move was 1/10 off road. I was building Tamiya RC kits in my spare time for the shop and we started to promote the shop with off road with aYokomo machine but it was super heavy. The  Associated RC10 was a better choice but again the metal chassis was heavy and running time was reduced.

So the final car I had (and still own) was this Kyosho Optima. A pretty good item. But buggies were not car's and I soon lost interest in my teenage years. maybe If we had rally bodies (which I loved) I'd never have stopped. but I guess real cars and slot cars took over and that's another story.

So now I'm 40 and been into RC Drift for a while. But it's the bodies I love. Cool packages.

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