2017 Spec

2017 sees a deeper focus for a total scale and to keep drifting fun! Introducing the GCRCD Sliders!

GCRCD is a small venue on Australia's Gold Coast where RE-Xtreme RC has be directly involved.

In a similar way to "Classes", after the success of RWD RC Drift, in 2017 we are seeing a shift in Japan and the world to even more detailed machines with chassis tuned to match the real car's style that they emulate.

Such is the evolution of Rear Wheel Drive in RC.

In the 4WD classes we still see the similar competition based entries but there has been little evolution in this scene, but it is now common place for ALL Japanese Events to have 4WD and RWD classes. Yokomo drivers and other previously 100% 4WD have all moved in some way to the competition RWD scene. 

Competition and Scale are very different in RC. Outdoor RC Drift events can see car speeds up to 70km/h

At GCRCD, Even our "Scale Competition" cars rarely break 20kph as the track is small, but slides are just as good looking.

Late 2016 saw the development of our local drivers to new heights. The R32 low Style Projects were a huge success in creating a tight community and a similar style and constant trains of 10 cars looking awesome.

So in 2017... how could we push that extra step? 

Silvia's are the mainstay of drift.

The Sliders .RSG. Design S13 Project focus will be that of a 550Hp Drift car with middle of the road power with modern high angle capabilities.

To keep the interest, changeable body panels hold the appeal.

RWD chassis specs should be close to 10.5T with Turbo ESC if possible for a good spread of power and capable of MAX 75 degree plus steering angle.  

Yokomo DRB with my .RSG. DRB-REW Conversion and alloy parts in "Typhoon Silver" will be used under my S13.  Keyence Tachyon (NA for now) with Luxon KG 9.5T Motor should satisfy the power. I usually under gear this for better traction.

Soft Weight Shift setup helps with mechanical grip. DriftPackage / FR-D wipers provide the lock I need for max angle capable steering. These should replicate the style we need.

Without the need for crazy speed. We can concentrate on driving line and flexible conditions and  will be used for "Mattari" Constant Drift Trains with a slower high angle "Wang" style.

The "Kuso (Shitbox) 86" projects are also underway. These are still detailed machines but the driving style will reflect that of the real 86.Starting in late 2016 in Japan, this class and style really kicked off.

With a real 86 bordering on only 180hp, a 17.5T with no-turbo (NA) ESC would suit this purpose. Under-geared Final Drive Ratio should see users mashing the throttle with little angle.

Ive chosen a Wrap Up Next  FR-D V3 as my AE86 chassis. Keyence Tachyon + 17.5T motor. 1st 18/38 2nd 18/38 reduction gear set keeps wheel speeds low.

Even without extra power these machines will become different by using the tyre grip and inability to overcome it easily. Driving styles will change. You can see that these machines are not getting massive angle so also become more stable and are able to be used in a less care situation.

With the focus not on outright speed, but max fun! The chassis dynamics don't need to be super perfect, just good enough for mash up 86 battles.

The final style I will run in 2017 is the Twin Drift / Competition Cars.

Big Power / Big Style / Big Angle Purely for Show off and Dynamic Competition.

Two of these Altezza's have been acquired for battle practice and loan. The short overhang of the Altezza and the flat sides of the car actually make it a great choice for competition

For competition, I'm working on this Drift Package. 7.5T Full Power.
For the most part these chassis are fixed the body selection. 


In 2017 , I am not continuing the the production of the DRB-REW as a boxed set.

I was proud to fill the niche in the DRB market and extending the life of over 40 DRBs around the world. 

My final settings use the Drift package wiper positions along side the front servo locations.

These DRB-REW are still my favorites and I still use the Blue "Tsunami" under my R32. With 7.5T motor mainly for it's smoothness. Forward power is limited to about 75% and the gear ratio set as requirements dictate.With over a year of constant abuse, It's testament to the current skill level that these machines are still looking amazing.

2017 looks very promising as the new projects come on line and the GCRCD Sliders get busy.

2018 is fast approaching.

Until then, lets have a look at planning for the new year.

The DRB-REW is a proven machine. I have moved my main chassis to the GTR Twins.

These are premium machines for low pressure only.

When it comes to maximum attack. My Ae86 FR-D Missile is probably going to degrade nicely through the year. Without number to make the 17.5T class a success, the image remains and the lack of care also.

AE86 for thrash!

To prove you don't need to spend a million dollars. this plastic Dp will lap for hours without stress.
While is doesn't have the raw speed or high agility of a full tune model, it'[s the car of choice for a relaxed drift.

Perhaps the YD2-S would be a good replacement.

For the new direction in 2018. Full weight shift Formula-D style is on the cards.

While the S13 will soon be retired, I'm looking to find a D1 style machine for this high power chassis. 

Wide track up front and a narrow rear. With tall ride height and weight shift. Frobably an FD3s

See you at the track.

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  1. "For competition, I'm working on this Drift Package. 7.5T Full Power."
    I would love to see a feature on this in the future if possible.


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