Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RE-Xtreme V3 - FD RX7 - RE-Amemiya SuperGT - Tamiya

RE-Xtreme V3 - FD RX7 - RE-Amemiya SuperGT - Tamiya

This body is awesome! Set for the street on chrome CRKai, it looks great. But there is a problem. Even with suspension set at ultimately low levels, the body is unable to be lowered enough at the rear on the standard posts.

So you are left with a dilemma.
Run the body high or cut the rear posts... hmmm.
For now I don't like many wheels that I have on this car apart from the Emotion CR-Kai
They all stand out too much.
Even the awesome RS are too bright. (they will be painted Siver)
But until then it will not look it's best.
High side view. The little side fender addition wings already have some damage.
TE37 look good but the offset is wrong for this car.

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