Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RE-Xtreme GT-34RC Super GT Drift - Tamiya

RE-Xtreme GT-34RC is Calsonic R34 Super GT - Tamiya

This is the combo and theme I had in  mind for this body.

The black rims and white car contrast extremely well. small splashes of blue and red are slight accents.
The dish on the Emotion XC8 and the 6mm offset accentuate the curves on the GT-Rs doors and fenders
The GTV rims here look ok actually
But I'd want some red wheel nuts.
TE37 are just OK here. They are too small and look too flat.
Just the wrong offset.
Advan RS however pump the guards. I  cant run this much lower cause the splitter is low.
But the rear looks cool with the RS. White and Gold is always a good combo.
CE28 look ok too. I may repaint these gun metal inthe future or clear.

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