Sunday, October 31, 2010

RE-Xtreme RC 210 DLM GT2 FD3s

Drift Le Mans? I Wondered what kind of liveries would appear on Mazda race cars these days.

This RENOWN based color scheme is a mix of the white Efini sponsored cars post 787B LE-Mans win.

The green is simply impact. 19" Rays Volk Racing RE-30 in green should simply be on all race cars.

Up against my own FD, we may see something happen in the future, but I don't forsee it attracting this much attention. But then again it's been done before. A bit of vinyl here and there.

Anyway, this is mounted on a Yokomo Drift Package that usually runs 190mm body.
This is 200mm HPI Mazdaspeed FD3s body
D-Stage RE-Amemiya Facer, Side Skirts and Rear Fenders.
D-Stage Mazdaspeed R-Spec Diffuser,
Yokomo S15 Wing and
Yokomo Craft Square Mirrors.

It's 210mm at the rear and the HPI RE-30 Wheels with T-Drift RE-11 32mm +6mm Offset all round. The rear requires +6mm Rear Axles.

Although it looks like a GT2 car, It will be drifted.

I'll post some Videos on Vimeo when I get around to it. Stance, clearance and some small details need to be addressed.


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