Friday, March 12, 2010

Wide solutions.

It seems there's a solution for everything in Japan. Companies like TN racing make nice products that have you scanning the hobby shops for house to figure out which variations within 2mm are going to be perfect.

Don't think it's an easy task either. Because they are mixed in among the Tamiya TT-01, TA05, Yokomo MRTC versions , Hpi, ABC Hobby, Square Sports, Suzuki etc.

Confronted with a wall of axles and hubs screws etc etc etc

You need to take a calculator. I didn't have one on hand, but I figured I had +6 of space under the Hpi Mazda rear with Yokomo tyres might work.

The new rear axles get the wheels way out there.

Thats +12 in width. I can imagine the diffuser breaking off, it's pretty fragile. Surviving so far.

Wheels are now perfect!



  1. Searched for this kind of thing for hours. What is the part number?

    I found these:

    However I have a MR4TC and most of them says "Yokomo DRB". Do you know if there are products like your blog for my MR4TC?

    And, does the front and rear have identical axles or do they differ?

    Thanks, I love your blog!
    // Eric

  2. Thanks

    Yes. That site is ok.

    TN Racing site

    Drift package page

    Drift package numbers are as follows
    Front is for universal joint
    TN-573 is 2mm
    TN-574 is 4mm
    TN-575 is 6mm

    Rear is for dogbone shaft
    TN-569 is 2mm
    TN-570 is 4mm
    TN-571 is 6mm

    DRB uses all universal joints so if you have DRB you use the front style everywhere.

    order from here.

    there are tamiya versions too.

  3. Thanks man!

    I just got a Yokomo AE86 trueno unpainted, when I mount the body my 3mm offset volk wheels doesn't sit flush. Do you know if there's a "Yokomo MR4TC w/ Yokomo bodies" recommended offset rule? :D

    And #2, if I buy 6mm TN-racing axles, are they fixed at 6mm or can I set the offset I want, up to 6mm?

    There's nothing uglier than a non-flush car so this needs to be addressed ASAP :)

  4. Well the axles are a fixed size for the pin position
    But you could run different width hub

    You can get thinner hubs to sit on the pins
    Yokomo make 2mm hubs
    If you run disk rotors though
    They are fixed too

    Many combos would work but you have to find something for you


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