Tuesday, July 12, 2011

F.Dorsche WIP

WTF is this. ???

Here is the plan... and Inspiration.

It's UGLY like a mullet that's for sure, but somehow it still pulls off wild. I cut the body down to the polycarb limit and trimmed the skirts like side diffusers and the front splitter is much deeper.

Wheels are +9 offset RC wheels. And rears are +4 spacers. (maybe remove)

You can see a bit of crazy stance here.

 And here. RWB is the inspiration for this and as all their cars have a name, this one may get "Kingyo's Affair"
The story of a goldfish and it's birth from the RX7 and Porsche Cross breeding.


Here I have the car on +6 Advan RS-D, I shall see which wheels I want to run after the body graphics go on.



  1. Nice RC collection. Do you have any Kyosho nitro powered cars in your collection? When I am not fooling around with my Fd, I just blast around the local parking lots with a screaming FW-05t(Kyosho)Ferrari.

    RC cars are the best.

  2. "It's UGLY like a mullet that's for sure, but somehow it still pulls off wild." -RE-Xtreme

    Hahaahaa... I agree with that, That's why i ordered this body too.. They call it M7 RE-Amemiya..

    BTW, What do you think about this paint scheme...?


    Will PS-8 Light Green backing with PS-12 Silver then PS-5 Black will do the job?

    Thanks... and great blog you've got here...


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