Tuesday, July 12, 2011

R.W.B Kingyo's Affair.

Anyone who's been watching the car scene recently will know about RWB. Rauh Welt Begriff

Basically it is German for "Rough World" and Nakai-san creates one car for each customer.

A unique one off.

My unique one off is a tribute to RWB using the FD3s D1 Rx7 as a base and adding the RWB Styling hues.

Deeeeeeep Miesters are the main wheels, but stance is effected as I'm currently running 4mm wide axles at the rear.

It makes for an imposing image.

But the Advan RS-D are set correctly.

Either way the car looks amazing!

I've named it Kingyo's Affair after the relationship between the FD and 911 make it look a bit goldfish like. Kingyo is goldfish in Japanese.

Anyway Enjoy.


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