Friday, January 26, 2018

Wrap Up FR-D Version III - For Sale - SOLD

Wrap Up Next FR-D Version III...

The decision to sell my FR-D was a hard one. But I guess I have a few great chassis, so this one is surplus.

 So... The FR-D is a drift package conversion? Well maybe the Version 1 required 50% drift package parts. But the Version 3 has many more Wrap Up Next components as their portfolio evolved.  

Yokomo Front bumper, BD7 Shocks, Sus pins and a Yokomo diff gearset, thats about all the yokomo that remains..

This is the upgrade V4 gearset with twin 38T reduction sets to raise FD-R.but also creates that telltale FR-D noise.  

Typical DP / FR-D Lock is possible. 

With the Motor up front, weight at the back helps balance. But the WUN battery mount can go anywhere.  Savox Servo wears overdose to match the Bumper support and is held by an active mount 

RC926 towers offer all kinds of adjust-ability to match the VX lever suspension. 

Active lightweight shaft.

WRAP UP Chassis allows for lots of droop (thank god!) GX V2 knuckles allow the right adjsument also. Not beginner oriented parts, but that means you get learn also.

7075 Alloy is used below, one scratch in a tough life. Full SS Screw Upgrade.

To build something like this is not a cheap exercise. It's very easy to add up the 100s.

Wrap Up Next FR-D V3 + Full WUN  Options + RC926  

Wrap Up Next FR-D V3 Black ALLOY Chassis Set
      Blue Bulkheads
Wrap Up Next FR-D GX Open Gear Case Blue
Wrap Up Next FR-D V4 Gear Set
Wrap Up Next FR-D Battery Mount
Wrap Up Next FR-D Low Gear Set x 2
Wrap Up Next FR-D GX Front Upper Arm V3
Wrap Up Next FR-D GX Front knuckle V2
Wrap Up Next FR-D GX Front Lower Y Arm V2
Wrap Up Next FR-D GX Rear Upper Arm V3
Wrap Up Next FR-D GX Rear Suspension V2
Active Hobby Lightweight Drive Shaft Blue
Active Hobby Servo Mount (Black)
Yokomo Blue Alloy Drive cups.
Yokomo Alloy Spool and Steel Drive Cups for Drift Package.
Yokomo BD7 Full Shock Set
RC926 Drift Package Shock Tower Rear
RC926 Drift Package Shock Tower Front
WUN Carbon Front  Support
Overdose Front Bumper Support
Overdose Yokomo Alloy Servo Saver
Savox Servo and custom link 

Only $800AUD Chassis + Shipping (MST Wheels not included)

I know I'm going to regret selling this one, but I need to convince myself I need the shelf space.  


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