Friday, January 26, 2018

Yokomo Drift Package DP-RF-R / DP-RT - For Sale

What is a Yokomo Drift Package DP-RF-R or DP-RT. Read on!

FR is Front Motor, Rear Drive layout. RF is Rear Motor, Front Drive Layout.

The RF-Concept was released as a 215mm wheelbase front drive fun touring car machine targetted at kids, but lucky for us, the chassis shared many Drift Package parts so a swap to FR is possible.

Move the identical gearbox internals to the rear and add the shaft to the spares box. Add some DP front steering and suspension arms or generic RWD focussed parts (MST in this case) and the name goes back to Drift Package - RF with R for Rear Swap

I had some components from a full size machine that work very well here, So the chassis is actually pretty well upgraded.Rear Roll centre is changed for adjusted handling.

Yokomo Blue Alloy Motor Mount,
Yokomo Blue Alloy Servo Mounts
Yokomo Blue Alloy Suspension Mounts FF and RR
Yokomo Blue Alloy Type C A-Arm Mount F
Yokomo Blue Alloy Shock Mounts

TRF Shocks with Colour Change
Kazama Shock Tops / ride height adjustment.  

MST RWD KnuckleMST Front Shafts
MST Y Arm,
Yokomo Plastic Long Wiper
RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Wiper Extension
Overdose Yokomo DRB Servo Saver
Yokomo D1 Servo

All this combines into a capable drift package and the RF is 40mm smaller in wheelbase, but no different in performance. It's fun and fantastic. 

Here is the 257mm Wheelbase FR-D next to the 215mm Wheelbase DP-RF-R

I am also including the DP-RT (Rear Drive / Top Motor) chassis and it's easy to swap components in about 90 minutes.

You end up with something like this. 

In any case, the Ninja Van is included. Working Lights, Quality exhaust, Magnetic panels all worked into this Street Jam Shortened Hiace. 

Custom mount up front, 

And a solid frame. because the 5 figures add quite a bit of weight.   in the end it all helps to keep the handling very effective.

The body is covered in Legit JDM.

this is a fun machine and when it's on track, you quickly become the centre of attention. You can attack or defend. It's super fun.

$400AUD gets you an amazing RWD fun machine with a bunch of spares and small bodies but also opens up a whole load of options.

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