Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kazama + Savanna

To mount the SA22, I needed a chassis. What to do?

I had the DP dedicated to the 215mm chassis, and I thought about returning to the plastic spec, but I had this Kazama GSX plate laying around. I disassembled the Van, and threw it together. 

The chassis had the GSX-R motor mount and 3mm kazama sus pins. Hmmm. I drilled the alloy dp Suzuki arms to 3mm and on they went.

Rear is set up for chassis roll, and I had so much I had to trim the end of the rear tower for clearance.

Shocks are TRF with Kazama tops and I think a 926 cap set.

I found an overdose battery support and some WUN front a-arms whick finish it off nicely.

SRG-BLX + Sanwa Gyro in an addiction alloy case

Ive added a silver Alloy front bumper support to finish it off... so now the cover.

There's a little poke with  10mm offset so i dug through the spares.

To flare or not to flare?

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