Saturday, May 5, 2018

Kazama GSX-Pake

Not many of Kazama's GSX-R chassis conversions came out of Japan.

Kazama parts were pretty hard to get hold of for OS peeps. Compared to now where online means everything is possible.

Anywat the main focus was to allow the use of 3mm suspension  shafts with the sturdy Street Jam/Kazama toe blocks and Suspension parts.

Change of rims for the shakedown...

Spring changes and last minute adjustments.

Down to BROZ Toys Drift Circuit for a shake...

Down with the boss.

check us here. BROZTOYZ

The circuit is small and tight but you still get some side by side. 

 Rear roll and  weight shift is good.

Stay tuned for some diorama action shoots soon.

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