Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rauh Welt 993 - Concepts

The Rauh Welt Tamiya 993 GT2s are currently undergoing a super widebody transformation. Well not entirely true. The main reason is for wheelbase stretch.

 My "Clients" have different personalities and while the body work may be similar, it will not be exactly the same. The rear bumper here is quite different. Similar to a starburst design. Wing will incorporate a banana GT wing courtesy of a Yokomo Kei Office S15. still needs to be attached a bit farther rearward.

So too Wheels will reflect a different image for the final machines. These 19" BBS Mesh versions will be repainted of course for "Show Only"

Usable wheels will be Hpi Work Miester S1 +9. These are required for the clearance on full lock for the wheelbase doesn't leave much space remaining. I'll be running 60degree up front and 45degree rear super hard compound Street Jam drift tyres. The front requires just that little extra stretch for clearance.

My wheels from the previous Rauh Welt FD3s  have the idlers logos, but I think I'll paint the next ones for durability.

This picture reveals the different widths and stretch angle on the tyres.

RWB: G:Force 9
Wheel: BBS LM R LP32 +6F LP35 +9R
Paint: Tamiya PS-32 Corsa Grey

RWB Speed Hunter 34
Wheel: Hpi Miester S1 +9 F 60degree +9R 45 Degree
Paint: Tamiya PS-54 Cobalt Green.


  1. the corsa grey comes out pretty light

    heres my GTR in corsa

  2. How did you attach the body's together any kind of putty you recommend for the body? Also what type of wing is that you were able to mount on the second car? Thanks and looks amazing

    1. Shoe Goo, kyosho FRP and body filler.

  3. so did you back the corsa gray with the cobalt or is it two seperate bodies?


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