Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RAUH WELT - Project Start

Why can't someone make one already?!?

My last project began from a conversation that led to my Kingyo's Affair Porsche/FD.

Well the conversation was to build a rauh welt porsche. However it was proving to be more difficult than I though because no one makes a GT2 porsche for Yokomo size chassis.

last week, at a special Tamiya Fair, I found 4 lonely 1/10 GT2 that I though would be great. But when I got them home the wheel base was way off.

So I decided to merge two into 1. then I have another 2 in to 1.

So there's 2 cars coming.

I've already hacked the first one and started to create the bodykit from the second.

As the cars will be painted in matt finish on the outside, some creative "moulding" can be done without requiring that shiney perfect finish.

now, If only I had a vacuum forming machine, 3d software and an ABS printer. then we'd get creative.

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