Monday, September 5, 2011

Rauh Welt 993 - Closer

I decided to cut the front bar and complete the RWB look. It really needed to be done.

Anyway, I'm happy I did, because it looks awesome! I've trimmed the first body #34 and it's awaiting paint and panel.

You can start to see some of the detail in this sucker.

After replicating the front bumper on the second car #9, I also started to glue the body, but not before drilling the body and mounting it in place.

A quick look with the HPI BBS LMR "Shelf Spec"

But these will be drifted. Shelves are for PLA models. Active RC is the way to go.

Start of the week long fender process. first angle is created. then the bend is created after curing.

I also experimented with some putty. this is just playing around. Rear window vent. But I may use it on the light buckets, Bumper Vents, fender lines etc. Just checking the effect on the lexan.

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