Monday, September 26, 2011

Shakotan FD3s Savanna RX-73

Ok, Here is the finished machine.

Yokomo Apexi Vertex D1 FD3s with ABC Hobby Works Over Fender Set + Cut vinyl sticker set & livery design by .RSG. + RE-Amemiya and other stickers.

I've added the carbon splitter and photo-realistic coolers. I thought about an external oil-cooler, but that's a bit ridiculous on an FD. Yokomo light buckets. Wheels are HPI Work Miester S1 +9 Offset with +6 TN Rear Axle Spacers.

Main theme features; RE-Xtreme, FET, TRUST, WORK and ADVAN sponsors.

Originally wanting white, the light grey was a second choice but works quite effectively.

Big distractions from the fenders. Triple 3" exhaust tip.

No shakotan machine would be complete without a train handle. つり革 (tsurikawa)

This is the view REAL people will see. Pretty Awesome.

1/10 scale people might see this view.

I'll raise the ride height about 2-3mm for running.

So there you have it, the Shakotan Boso Drift Time Attack JDM with 40 years of differing influence in an FD3s RX-7.


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