Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RX-73 RE-Fresh

OK... Here it is... incomplete, but FANTASTIC!

What we have here is a bit of impossibility. The Yokomo FD3s is an incredibly NON-scale 1/10 machine. The wheelbase for the width of the car is crazy long so the designers had to get creative to make it look kind of ok.

The Vertex (Apexi D1) widebody does an ok job of getting the car somewhere near reasonable but it still needs help.

I just helped a little more. Mostly in the rear. You can see the extra length at the back. But in any case, Black helps hide this.

So, the fenders are meant for a 70's Savanna RX-3, I just gave them a new home.

Luckily they came attached to some R-X3 side pannels so I could pump out the rear a lot more. I also trimmed the rear valance from the bumper for diffuser access. (inspired by Cliff's Dori FD)

Colour scheme will include some chrome or old school silver boso influence. Just cut some shapes from vinyl.

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