Monday, July 29, 2013

New Project - Legend Tribute.

Scandinavian flick, Tommy Makinen and all that jazz. He is one of the Legends of 90's Rally. This will be a tribute.

 My good mate, legend ... Allen.  Calls me. do you want anything from RC Champ?

What kind of a question is that!!! of course!

then he sends me some teaser shots.

You know what I mean.

I was recently looking at the Evo III as my next project so I got him to pick me up one along with some


and some BRW03.

Should be funky!


  1. Yes,
    I will start again soon.

    I moved house...but this place isn't great.
    maybe another move soon.

  2. happy to see you! ;-)
    I await your further modification of your frames and bodys !!

  3. So, not a drifter?

    I've been looking at rally chassis a lot myself recently...

  4. It will be a drifter in tribute to tommi.

    A tarmac slider for the touge!

    I'm thinking of a special livery at the moment.


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