Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tommi Tomei Tribute - Updated

Well, the plans for the EVO III have become clearish. Make that Clear.

My friend works at Tomei so a Tomei Tommi Evo II may be ok too. If I do this it will be red chrome and chrome so it will bling.

and the final crazy idea...

Evo III Woody

White with a nice wood panel on the side!

What to choose?


  1. None of the above...

  2. Simply sticking the name 'Tommi' on the side is hardly a tribute, especially as it's not a rally car and none of the designs look anything like the cars he is famous for driving.

    Maybe you should throw some red in there?

    1. Well,
      It's not meant to look the same.
      The first idea is a matt black "Recce Car"
      I'll have the full Tommi on the bonnet and rear also.
      Definitely a rally tribute.

      I may do the red and white "marlboro" bonnet like it's a "spare" from the rally car.

      These 1995 evoIIIs look identical in group A trim to stock EvoIII so there is no difference

      The other two are just ideas...
      the woody is definitely just a bit of fun.
      Maybe I'll save that for a R31 wagon.


  3. maybe a combination of black and silver gives the right balance for this car

  4. I think a bad ass WTAC-look with giant wing and airintakes would be great!
    More "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTON" if you know what I mean...
    Like this:

    1. No... I'll stay away from TA spec on this one. Simple is best.

      Evo III and Evo IX are very different


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