Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-Location and REflection.

I'll be taking a break for a couple of weeks, so I won't be updating the site during that time. Re-locating is always tough, but when I come out the other side, there will be new RC tracks to explore and new directions to follow.

Looking forward to the change and challenge. Until I return, here's some photos I've taken at evens and places / cars that have influenced my directions. Who knows whats next.

Rally (especially tarmac) has been inside from an early age in escorts and peaking around the time when Makinen and McRae were battling on the tarmac. My WRX was a big impact on my life in many ways.

I think any car that I own, goes through some forest adventures during it's tuning phase. Whether a shopping trolley Civic or a fire breathing rotary nothing is left untouched.

I also enjoy getting caught up in "What if" scnario.

My contact with Japan and the drift world lasted a long time. 

I think I could definitely say, I've seen the drift scene evolve.

along with the capabilities of technology come power and style.

No car I have owned, has been exempt from the tuners wand. Some mild and useable.

Others a little more focussed and don't really belong on the street.

But there are those that love to push the limits and blur the lines of sanity and that drives us.

Drift has always been a mix of style and power. It has the different target over a pure speed focus.

and it always creates something special.

I think REaders of this site will notice I have a like for the Rotaries and Roadsters in any form. I think this beast has influenced a few people in it's time. What was that movie called? haha

They have been part of my life for a long time, and while they are special, I am not a one make man. I've owned 15 or so cars and while 7 of them have been Mazdas, there are others of all kinds.

Drift, Race, Drag anything and everything has impacted on me. You may notice that Kazama, Vertex, Weld , DS Like, RC926 and a lot of others have a similar interest in RC and Real Machines. Sometimes the interest goes both ways.

 Whether that comes from a business model or a sense of fun. RC is a fun thing to do. Yokomo has been synonymous with D1 for a long time. That's been a good thing for me. Helping join my hobbies together.

You can do both. Why not own an immaculate JZX worth $150000 and an RC car worth $1500. It is 1:10 scale after all.

 Power, Speed, Smoke, Whatever you like.

 Driving, Style and

 A little craziness.

Enjoy your car style. This one is a bit Sexy.



  1. Are you moving somewhere?

    1. Back to my home town.

  2. oh lordy, you will be closer to Ridwan and GCcompound


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